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Lieutenant Zalah Malayi

Name Zalah Malayi

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender (Female)
Species Human
Age 32
Date of Birth 12/12/2380
Languages Federation Standard, English, French, Arabic

Physical Appearance

Height 175
Weight 63
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Zalah is tall and thin with more muscles than curves. She wears her hair shoulder length, just long enough to force into regulation during duty hours that springs loose into wild curls when she releases it. She moves gracefully but does have to consciously remember to stand tall and not slouch to blend in with others.


Significant Other NA
Children NA
Brother(s) NA
Sister(s) NA
Other Family Shukria (F) - Mother
Harold (M) - Father


Starfleet Academy

Zalah Malayi was selected for Starfleet Academy in 2398 shortly after her 18th birthday, to the delight of her father and siblings and the concern of her mother. She applied herself with serious concentration immediately to her chosen track of medical studies, opting to complete four years of medical school simultaneously with the Starfleet officer training courses, and as such made no attempts at a social life for her early adulthood, choosing books over beaus, tests over friendships and simulated surgeries over holidays. It was a close race, but she attained the rank of Ensign and her first MD in 2402 before receiving her preliminary assignment to a highly coveted surgical internship at the Bethesda Medical Research Center.

Bethesda Medical Research Center (BMRC, Surgical Internship)
Dr. Mayali worked with experienced Starfleet medical officers doing a planet-side rotation and studied under retired Starfleet legends from 2402-2404. She gained experience and enriched her understanding of the book learning she had accumulated with practical applications and gained independence and confidence while working with patients in a gradually less controlled environment.

USS Tekrari, Medical Surgeon

After her two year medical internship, Dr. Malayi was promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade, and given her first "real" assignment as a junior surgeon on the USS Tekrari, a Olympic class vessel patrolling a swath of space between three research outposts providing materiel and operational support. While she did have some opportunities to serve as a fairly talented surgeon, she found herself mostly being used as backup medical support for maintaining the health of the ship's occupants and the scientists that they serviced periodically. Medical emergencies were few and far between.

However, despite the lack of opportunity to "make a name" for herself, she worked hard and earned the respect of her leadership. When her time in grade was reached in 2407, she was immediately promoted to Lieutenant, and a few months later when an opening occurred, she was offered and accepted the position of assistant chief medical officer.

She continued to serve in that capacity while also pursuing some research on a blood virus that seemed to evade detection by the smart anti-viral equipment that were in commonly in use, and discovered a work-around that could have other potential applications. Her paper earned her some recognition in the medical research community and an offer to return back to the BRMC for a fellowship in exobiological epidemiology and a chance to advance her medical education.

Bethesda Medical Research Center, Research Fellowship

Starfleet approved her to attend the fellowship and so she returned to Earth and to the now familiar high paced routine of a medical student. While in the program, she was able to work with some of the Federation's most venerated diagnosticians and epidemiologists to revolutionize how some diseases were evolving to transmit between races that used to have no precedent for contraction and how they reacted in order to more quickly detect and react to them.

She only recently completed her program, her thesis earning her first MD-PhD. Upon completely she immediately requested a ship-side assignment, eager to get back out into the black and to serve with patients again.

Service Record

2398 - Starfleet Academy, First Year Cadet / Medical Track
2399 - Starfleet Academy, Second Year Cadet / Medical Track
2400 - Starfleet Academy, Third Year Cadet / Medical Track
2401 - Starfleet Academy, Fourth Year Academy / Medical Track
2402 - Bethesda Medical Research Center Surgical Internship, Ensign (MD)
2404 - USS Tekrari Surgeon, Lieutenant JG
2407 - USS Tekrari, Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant
2409 - Bethesda Medical Research Center Exobiological Epidemiology Fellowship, Lieutenant Commander (MD-PhD)
2412 - USS North Carolina, Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Commander