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Major Neteri "Ikran" Shannon

Name Neteri "Ikran" Shannon

Position Commander Air Group

Second Position Alpha Flight Leader

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender (Female)
Species Betazoid
Age 53
Date of Birth 08/24/2359
Languages Federation Standard
Some basic Klingon

Physical Appearance

Height 175.86
Weight 71
Hair Color Black Long
Eye Color Hazel Grey
Physical Description Demure and well muscled. Stunning body, well proportioned and full in the appropriate places. Has several small scars hidden by one long tattoo of a chinese dragon from her shoulder down her back.


Significant Other None
Children None
Brother(s) Lt. Tom “Reaper” Shannon
Sister(s) Nonr
Other Family Various Starfleet officers in engineering and flight.


Neteri grew up on Argos Prime where her parents moved to from Betazed. Argos Prime was a small, little known world where a handful of people came to settle and live their lives. Both her parents are in Starfleet and are decorated pilots for the Federation. Stationed on a small base, Banshee Squadron, both her parents were commanders of their groups that patrolled the air space in that area.

Neteri attended schools that prepared her for her role in flying fighters, and the Betazoid schools for her empathic and telepathy skills. For some unexplained reason, Neteri had developed stronger abilities than the normal betazoid. She is in no way a super betazoid but her powers are strong.

Once she finished schooling on Argos Prime, her parents sent her off to Starfleet academy where she promptly caught the attention of the commander of Red Squadron and was assigned there. Netrri was tickled pink with that assignment and proud as well. To be in Red Squadron was an honor and privilege because they were the best of the best.

She aced all her classes and gained the nickname 'Ikran', which would eventually become her call sign. She could take her fighter and literally blend in and become a flying bird in the sky. She learned this by watching the native birds on Argos Prime as they flew. Most of her knowledge came from her many hours spent in the holodeck running old WWll fighter battles and the subsequent air and space battles up to the present. Before she graduated, she studied as many types of federation and non-federation fighters and battles to gain the knowledge of those craft. Impressed were her teachers, she graduated in the top 5% of her graduating class.

Neteri signed on to the USS Claymore, an Akira class uprated, and rose through the ranks to achieve the position of Chief Squadron Leader as a Lieutenant. She was promoted to CAG but the Claymore was destroyed in a fierce battle with the combined forces of Orion Marauders and Maquis Raiders.

Back at SB 375, she waited for her next assignment.... USS Arondight, an Ascension class ship. The Arondight was the flying aircraft carrier for the patrol group Saturn's Raiders. She was not just utilized as a carrier but also a school for the new cadets that signed for combat training. This was new to Neteri but a welcome chance for her to teach what she knew to the newest crop of young pilots. It was here that she made the biggest impact in the way combat training was basically improved upon by lessons learned from the ancient history of aerial combat.

Neteri combined the old dog fighting tactics with the new and developed new ways to fly combat missions with minimal losses to fighters and their pilots. She developed a rappor with her pilots and basically became not just teacher and CAG but sort of a den mother. She cared a great deal about how they felt and understood when they were distressed. She would listen to them and go out of her way to help them if she could. Neteri always supported her pilots as she knew it would help them further their careers and be emotionally ready for the rigors of combat flying. Her captain, Commodore Allan B. Shepherd promoted her to Lt. Commander and as a gift for her outstanding performance and dedication to his ship and cadets, presented her with her own Gryphon fighter.

Starfleet was taken by Neteri's work on the Arondight, they transferred her back to Earth to be an instructor in the Academy, but when she got there she turned it down. She said it was not for her and that her life was dedicated to flying and teaching from the cockpit and not in a classroom.

Service Record

2377 -Starfleet Academy first year cadet. Major in Aerial Combat
2378 - Starfleet Academy second year cadet. Second major in nasic engineering.
2379 - Starfleet Academy third year cadet. Majored in Aerial Combat tactics. Admitted into Red Squad.
2380 -Starfleet Academy fourth year cadet. Flight school for flying Starships.
2381 - Graduated top 10% of class. Top honors in Combat flying. Graduation commencement flight by Red Squad.

2381 - Assigned to USS Claymore 16 years CAG
2397- Assigned to USS Adrondight 15years CAG
2412 Assigned to USS North Carolina as CAG