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Civilian To'gan

Name To'gan

Position Chef de cuisine

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender (Male)
Species Klingon
Age 103
Date of Birth 2309, human month of april
Languages Klingon
rough approximations of vulcan, andorian, romulan, Yridian, breen and other half spoken languages

Physical Appearance

Height 2.13 meters
Weight 137 kg
Hair Color Brown with small signs of gray
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description To'gan is a robust looking Klingon with a belly fitting of his chosen profession. He wears traditional furs over his clothing when not on the job, and seems to have taken a liking to human chiefs grab when working.


Significant Other none
Brother(s) Tolkar, older - warrior, Navigator on a klingon ship
Grenak, younger - shipwright for House Konak
Sister(s) Telles, younger - married, raise 3 children
Brinta, Younger - Warrior on a klingon ship
Other Family Lokath - Father - Ship designer for the High council
Monas - Mother - Warrior, Deceased


Wandering Chef

Service Record