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Lieutenant Huren Vael

Name Huren Vael

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender (Male)
Species Trill, Joined
Age 26
Date of Birth 06/15/2386
Languages Trill
Betazed (broken)

Physical Appearance

Height 193cm
Weight 72kg
Hair Color Rust Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Huren is young man in mid twenties of fit build. His spots are mostly crescent shaped and stop at his ankle only on the right side of his body.


Significant Other none
Brother(s) Lym Korev - middle sibling
Sister(s) Eiral Korev - youngest sibling
Other Family Bael Korev - Father
Niali Korev - Mother


Early Life
Born Huren Korev, in the earth year 2386, on the Trill homeworld. Huren was the oldest of three children and the only one to inherit his mothers technical aptitude. Typical of technically minded children he routinely was found having disassembled any piece of technology he could get his hands on and attempting to reassemble it or creating strange devices simple because he wanted to see if he could. In 2403 Huren was allowed to enroll at starfleet academy by his parents in a desperate attempt to preserve their household appliances.

Starfleet Academy
Huren was accepted to the academy on the Engineering track. While mostly unremarkable in his studies, huren never the less stood out to the teacher in one regard; everything had to be rebuilt and better. through his time at the academy huren logged a record number of hours in campus engineering labs or holodecks disassembling and redesigning any piece of technology he had access too or creating new devices all together.
During this time Huren encountered a young betazoid cadet named Anaria Shola, also on the engineering track and specializing in computer systems, a much more outgoing individual the two formed an odd friendship that eventually turned romantic.
Also during this time he because associated with an academy social club known as The Madman. The club was dedicated to following the tradition of one James T. Kirk of find new, unusual, or unique solutions to traditional academy testing methods: most notably the Kobayashi-maru.
[It should be noted that that while never required to take the command track test, he devised a solution able to work only in the simulator environment of the test.]
In his final year of the academy he submitted an application to the Trill Symbioses Commission to become an initiate.
Jupiter Station
After graduation Huren Korev was assigned to Jupiter station with the commissioned rank of ensign as part of the Starfleet Core of Engineers. After almost a year at jupiter station huren requested a leave of absence when his application to the TSC was accepted and he became an initiate.
During his time with his field docent fate would deal Huren an unexpected hand. His field docent, Cpt. Terifan Vael of the U.S.S. Cavalry, would be mortally injured during a ambush by Orion pirates. The ships doctors diagnosed that the symbiote would survive the the hosts injuries long enough to return to trill, being an initiate and the only other trill on board the Vael symbiote was inplanted into Huren the same day. Huren returned to Trill for evaluation and counselling. While the Commission considered the situation less then ideal the fact of the matter remained that he was now joined. After a few more months on Trill adjusting to his new state of being, Huren returned to active duty with Starfleet.
Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
After returning to active duty, now Huren Vael, he was assigned to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and reunited with former lover now Ensign Anaria Shola. There relationship did not resume despite the efforts of both parties, sighting the major change in Huren personality after joining. Inspite of this the pair are still an effective team able to tackle problems associated with ship construction and refit in an efficient manor.

Service Record