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The USS North Carolina, NCC-97005, sits in Space Dock Frame #9 awaiting her crew so that she can begin her first assignment at the boundary of the known regions of the Beta Quadrant.

Season Season One - Proving Grounds
Start Date Tuesday February 19th, 2019 @ 2:28pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
An Old Friend Returns
by Brigadier General Jonathan Wilson & Colonel Samet
Mission Day 1 at 1500 Deck 19 - Aquarius Bay
A New Beginning
by MACO Captain Josiah Strycker
Mission Day 1 at 1330 USS North Carolina
A Bump In The Hallway
by Brigadier General Jonathan Wilson & Sergeant Alice Murphy
Mission Day 1 at 0900 Deck 08 - Marine Quarters Section
An Urgent Request
by Lieutenant Showgirl & Brigadier General Jonathan Wilson
Mission Day 1 at 0830 Deck 01 - Captain's Ready Room
by Lieutenant Showgirl & Brigadier General Jonathan Wilson
Mission Day 1 at 0800 Deck 01 - Main Bridge
New Journey
by Colonel Samet
Mission Day 1 at 0730 USS MATRIX
Location, location, location
by Marine Captain Marcus Del Gado
Mission Day 1 at 0000 Mobile Marine Base Peter Pace

Episode Summary

Mission Briefing
Situation: This Episode starts on Stardate: 96736 (Mission Day 1) with 15 days till the USS North Carolina is scheduled to depart Spaceframe 9 to begin her survey mission on the other side of the Beta Quadrant. It will consist of the Mission posts of the Crew Arriving and settling into their quarters and shipboard routine. It will also cover the arrival of the USS John Reavis, the Aquarius Class Escort that is attached to the USS North Carolina.
Early in the morning on Stardate 96737, Brigadier General Wilson is awoken by Admiral Simmons from Starfleet Command with disturbing news about the USS Rodger Young, a scout ship that had been deployed to begin mapping the area of the Beta Quadrant the USS North Carolina is going to survey. Admiral Simmons shares the bridge view screen recording of an apparent attack on the USS Rodger Young by an unknown starship. Admiral Simmons informs Brigadier General Wilson that he is advancing the North Carolina’s Deployment timeline to 72 Hours and is giving the North Carolina top priority in the Shipyard Queues to get modified for the new mission parameters and outfitted with new provisions and personnel. Brigadier General Wilson then holds a Department Head Meeting at the start of Alpha Shift with the current Department Heads on the USS North Carolina to update them on the changes in the Mission Profile and the new accelerated timeline to deployment.
Task: Prepare the USS North Carolina to be ready to leave Spaceframe 9 to begin her updated Mission within 72 hours of the Mission update.
Execution: In the next 72 hours from the Mission Update, Operations Department and Engineering Department will need to change the Modular Deck System of the USS North Carolina by removing Science Lab Modules and some Cargo Bay Modules for replacement with Marine Barrack Modules and Marine Dropship Bay Modules. The Marine Detachment Officer-in-Charge will need to assign those new Marine Barrack Modules to the new Marines that will be arriving today as part of the Detachment’s upgrade to a full Battalion. Operations will also need to work with the Shipyards to make sure all the new embarking craft are received and properly stored in the Marine Dropship Modules and shuttle bays. Medical Department will need to make sure all Sickbays are fully stocked and that extra supplies are available and that a schedule is created to make sure all members of the crew have updated medical records and scans in our system. All assigned crew of the USS North Carolina are to be recalled from any shore leave and report back to the ship immediately.


Mission Briefing Ends
Episode Summary/Timeline:
Stardate: 96736 - 15 Days to Mission Start -
Mission Day 1 at 0800 - Brigadier Wilson activates the Computer Systems and brings the new ship Operating System online
96736.354 - First Captain's Log by Brigadier Wilson in his Ready Room
Mission Day 1 at 0930 - Brigadier Wilson runs into Sergeant Murphy
96736.458 - Captain's Log about Brigadier Wilson running into Sergeant Murphy
Mission Day 1 at 1500 - The USS John Reavis arrives from Utopia Planita to be docking in the Escort Module of the USS North Carolina

Stardate: 96737 - Mission Schedule is Advanced to 3 Days before Launch
96737.229 - Admiral Simmons Informs Brigadier Wilson about the possible destruction of the USS Rodger Young and advanced the Mission Prep Schedule to 72 Hours till Launch.
96737.33 - Mission Update Department Head Meeting