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New Assignment

Posted on Friday September 14th, 2018 @ 7:37pm by MACO Captain Josiah Strycker

Personal log, Stardate 94307.58.

I have been assigned to the USS North Carolina as the MACO Captain. No word yet when we will leave space dock and embark on our mission, but the command group has already been briefed on it. I read the notes from the mission brief and have since began studying the culture of the race we will probably be interacting with. Although we have universal translators I have began learning their language myself. I want to try to understand them as much as possible and I think being able to communicate with them directly in their language will help me gain their trust. Plus, there is no guarantee that any of them I end up communicating with will have a universal translator, nor that mine will work without glitching or failing.

So that's my mission for now as I await word of our launch. I'm also continuing to hone my tactical skills and prepare a training plan for my troops once they arrive. I've loaded a training program into the ship's holodeck that simulates the environment I will be operating in. I can't wait to get underway.

Ayoeyä tawsìp Nawma Sanok irrtok siviei. May the Great Mother smile upon our ship.

End log.


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