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Arrival diverted to New Ship

Posted on Saturday February 23rd, 2019 @ 5:20pm by Major General TJ Allen

Personal Log, Stardate 96737.58
I was on my way from Robert de Bruce to Starbase 1 and received an urgent message to from STARFLEET Command.

I sit back and sip on my tea and and had the computer to play message.

The gist of the message is that the USS North Carolina was in need of a new First Officer. The old Executive Officer did not transfer to the new command of the ship with his CO, so the Commanding Officer was in need of an Executive Officer. And since the ship is MACO and I have MACO training, I was requested to join the ship as Strategic Officer and now the First Officer.

I hope the posting is a good posting. I have dealt with MACO and training MACO for a long time and worked hard for my rank and status. Now I get to bring that with me and show a new ship the right and wrong ways to do things.

I remember meeting the CO, Jonathan Wilson, before and he seemed to be a swell guy and upstanding officer. I have read his Service Jacket and know he worked hard with Marines and Fleet and had transferred to MACO command. And since I am part of MACO command it is pertinent for me to know others as I work with them.

It is kind of funny to be a Major General and have a billet where I report to a Brigadier General that is also under my command but I will see how well we work.

... Computer End Personal Log.


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