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Packing bags

Posted on Friday June 7th, 2019 @ 10:00am by Lieutenant Huren Vael

Location: Utopia Planetia Shipyards
Timeline: Stardate: 94304.815

Begin personal log.

I've gotta say I was surprised. Chief Engineer of the USS North Carolina. It's an Odyssey class they just finished building a couple of slips over from mine. Normally yard monkeys like us don't get put on these thing after their done, we just set them up and watch them go. I've put two Ody's together in my my time at Mars so i've got a good idea how to keep it working and i'll have Anaria with me on this so it should go smoothly. I gotta say say the irony of this transfer isn't lost one me, normally i'm the one arguing with chief engineers when they bring me a busted up ship for repair or maintenance, now i'm the Chief who has to do field repairs.... I'm going to be eating my words a lot.

Computer, end log.


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