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Chief of security personnel log

Posted on Wednesday December 11th, 2019 @ 5:19pm by Ensign Morgan Morris

Stardate 97555.76
Busy first duty day on the USS North Carolina. I arrived yesterday and managed to get settled in with my personal affects. This ship is a lot different than the starbase nimbus , I must have gotten lost nine times despite having taken the time to memorize the layouts of most of the decks of the ship prior to my first tour of it. The engineering officer that walked me around was super nice , but my sense of mind has never been my strong suit. Nonetheless, I managed to find security office this morning without any issues.

The staff seems lovely and efficient so far, we've managed to go over all of the inventory records and ensure that we have the appropriate stores for a standard year's mission time for a full crew. Additionally, all current crew security files have been transferred and most of them are current on past history .

There are four officers and fifteen enlisted that will need to be seen before we leave dock to ensure that their mind are up to date, and they've been notified to schedule with my security officers. I have also noted that we do not have a full complement of crew yet, so that number may change.

On the civilian side, the security staff seems experienced and competent and have that area well in hand. My security will only need to be brought in if there's a problem, and so far none has been noted.

Set a reminder for tomorrow morning to find out if we have any projections for those crew members and any family members so that we can get a jump start on their records.

Nothing left to do now but explore the ship and meet the rest of the senior staff this afternoon.


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