First... Last... Only...

Posted on Thursday February 20th, 2020 @ 2:46pm by Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Rhode

Years ago, General Wilson came to me with an offer that he thought I couldn't refuse. I was too busy being the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, who would go on a "fishing trip" to hunt down treacherous shitbags that got good people killed and brought dishonor to the Federation. Back then, I was his first choice.

After breaching and banging my way though three fourths of the quadrant, I brought some to face justice. Others, well, let's just say if their carcasses were found, there won't be any open casket funerals.

Then, the shit it the fan once again. Iconians, then the Hur'q, then that crazy Old Testament Klingon chica re-igniting another temporal cold war.

Now, after fighting off ex-Tal-Shiar guns for hire, despite incompeted leadership that got more innocent people and Cadets killed, here I am on the USS North Carolina. Well, kind of...

I stand here in the well deck, looking at my new assignment within an assignment. Now I'm the Vessel Master of the USS John Reavis, an Aquarius Class gunship. The gunship is so small, my ego can't even blow up in it, especially as I thought I was his last choice. It turned out, I was the General's ONLY choice.

Little did he know, before that other shit went down, my answer to him would have been, "Yes."