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Episode: S1E1 - Not Until Tuesday ...
Location: Deck 01 - Main Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0800


The turbolift doors open onto the rear of the Main Bridge Module, a single figure steps out of the lift into the barely lit Bridge of the USS North Carolina, NCC-97005. The figure adjusts his Uniform Jacket by pulling down on the waist as he walks over to the central command chair. Sitting down in shadows the figure looks around and takes a deep breath.

"Computer, Recognize Wilson, Jonathan G. Starfleet Authorization Code Alpha 7 Bravo 9 Gamma 3," says Brigadier General Jonathan Wilson into the darkness of the Bridge.

"Authorization recognized, awaiting command." replies the standard computer voice of a Federation Starship.

"Computer, activate Tertiary Computer Core and interface with Project Showgirl," orders Brigadier General Wilson.

"Interface established, Project Showgirl ready for activation." replies the computer.

"Activate Project Showgirl," orders Brigadier General Wilson.

"Project Showgirl is now active. Awaiting Initialization Commands." replies the computer with a softer female voice.

"USS North Carolina Initialize Operating System and Bring all systems online for normal operations." orders Brigadier General Wilson.

The lights turn on on the bridge and the ship begins to hum with energy as the Inertial Dampening Fields activate. Outside the Ship's running lights begin to blink and the display lights turn on to illuminate the ship's name and NCC Number on the hull.

"USS North Carolina Initialization is complete. Awaiting Authorization command to activate Project Showgirl." replies the soft female computer voice.

"Project Showgirl Activation Code Nine-Seven-One-Alpha-Nine-Omega-Seven," says Brigadier General Wilson.

A flicker appears beside Brigadier General Wilson as a Holographic female form materializes into view. "Project Showgirl is now online and operations, USS North Carolina status is normal function and ready for Mission Parameter download." the hologram softly says in the same voice that the computer was using.

"Showgirl, download Mission Parameters and Crew Roster Specifications from STARFLEET Command," says Brigadier General Wilson.

"Mission Parameters and Specifications Downloaded. Notifying STARFLEET Command that the USS North Carolina is ready to begin Initial Supply and Personnel Loading. USS John Reavis is scheduled to arrive at 15:00 Hours today for docking in the Escort Module. Sir." replies the female Hologram.

"Very good, Lieutenant Showgirl. Notify me when the crew begins to arrive," replies Brigadier General Wilson as he walks across the bridge to his ready room.

"Yes, Sir," replies Lieutenant Showgirl before flickering out of view.