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New Journey

Posted on Tuesday November 8th, 2016 @ 5:05am by Colonel Samet
Edited on on Tuesday April 9th, 2019 @ 2:14pm

Episode: S1E1 - Not Until Tuesday ...
Location: USS MATRIX
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0730


2200 hours.
Colonel Samet is leaving Ten Forward where the members of the 787th and crew of the Matrix had given him a going away party before the arrival of the USS Typhon and his departure from the ship. His departure has been delayed due to the cleanup operation in this system of Orion pirates. He had lost two of his marines in the capturing of the Orion frigate, one of whom had been with him since his posting on Andoria and served as witness to his marriage to his wife Tisaos Sh’irynnol. Lt. Mannings aka Sundown was a good marine and a great friend. The other pilot, Lt. Jefferries aka Striker was a different story. He was a good marine but could get careless in his flying if he became set on scoring marks (a pilot term for enemy kills). He had been reprimanded twice and grounded once for mark hunting under the previous OIC of the 787th. Samet had threatened to pull his wings if he ever tried that under his command when he took over 3 years ago. Striker had done well until this last operation. Striker had deviated from the operational plan on attacking the frigate by trying to hit the main shuttle bay when 2 of the ferengi Peregrine fighters broke off from the main defense force and followed him. Sundown managed to get both fighters off of now a heavily damaged Striker but they had got to close to the frigate and was both destroyed by the frigates turrets.

“Bridge to Colonel Samet.”

Samet touched his combadge, “Samet her.”

“”Sir the Typhon is 15 minutes out on sub light. Shuttle and pilot will be waiting in hanger deck 2 in 10 minutes.” the young officer said.

“Who is flying escort?” Samet asked.

“Joker and Hera” came the reply.

“Acknowledged. Samet Out”

Samet reached his cabin and entered into the dark room. He had already packed and had nothing to do for a few minutes until it was time to go to the hanger deck which would take only 3.1256 minutes. Samet sat for the last time at his deck activated his monitor.

“Computer,” Samet said, “Details on the USS TYPHON please.”

“The USS Typhon (NX-85808) is a mobile carrier fortress introduced just after the Dominion War in 2376. It was designed to carry 26 fighter class craft, initially Valkyrie-class Federation Attack Ships. Although it is equipped with full scientific and medical equipment, it is heavily armed with multiple turrets armed with twin mounted quantum torpedo launchers and dual Type X phasers”

Samet noticed what time it was on his watch.

“Computer Open secure channel to USS North Carolina Veta 6 Charlie 25413855 Delta 124556. Transfer all personal and occupational files to secure directory code Sigma 9568 Lima 44832125 Veta 1.”

“Connection complete. USS North Carolina Showgirl protocol Alpha Alpha 27588963124523.212eg verified. Creating secure directory in crew folder Samet, Colonel 46050. File transferred started. Completion in 51.6 seconds.” the computer replied.

“Interesting name for a security protocol”, Samet thought to himself.

“Transfer Complete. Transferred Verified and original directory deleted.” Said the computer after a short while.

At that moment, the door chimed and a young ensign entered and picked up Samet’s bags. “Sir may I escort you to your shuttle?”

Samet nodded and hit his combadge.

“Samet to Hanger deck 2.”

“Hanger deck 2. Sidewinder here sir.”

“I’m on my way Lt. Samet Out.”

The two made their way to the hanger deck. When they got there the two Peregrine escorts were passing through the environmental barrier and taken up their positions just outside the bay. Per protocol for personnel transfers in a hostile area the two ships will be positioned 1000 km distance from each other and the sending ship will send escort to the half way mark. At that time escorts from the receiving ship will escort the transport to the hanger deck. During this time both ships will remain at Yellow Alert with Alert 5 craft on standby. The Matrix will then begin a 3 week monitoring and patrol of the system until relieved.

Sidewinder snaps to attention and salutes as Samet and the ensign approaches the shuttle.

“Shuttle Hermes ready for departure Sir! Joker and Hera are already in position. Valkyries Theta and Able are standing by at the Mid-point.”

“What are their callsigns?” asked Samet as he enter the rear of the shuttle.

“Copperhead and Dixie Chick sir.” Replied Sidewinder.

“Copperhead? Any relation Lt.?” Asked Samet.

“Actually sir we are both from the class of 2403. Copperhead and I was in the same training flight.” Sidewinder said with a smile.

Sidewinder followed Samet into the shuttle. The ensign secured Samet luggage and the rear hatched closed as the shuttle lifted off the deck. A moment later they were passing through the environmental force field heading to the rendezvous with the Valkyries. Joker and Hera, waiting just outside the hanger bay, take their positions to escort the shuttle to the midway point.

The hand-off between the Peregrines and the Valkyries went off without a hitch and Colonel Samet found himself entering the hanger bay on the massive fortress carrier a short while later.

The Typhon signaled the Matrix and proceeded to take Colonel Samet to his new posting on the


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