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An Old Friend Returns

Posted on Tuesday October 31st, 2017 @ 9:57pm by Brigadier General Jonathan Wilson & Colonel Samet
Edited on on Tuesday April 9th, 2019 @ 2:13pm

Episode: S1E1 - Not Until Tuesday ...
Location: Deck 19 - Aquarius Bay
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1500


"Brigadier Wilson watched through the docking bay window as the new Aquarius Class Light Escort, USS John Reavis, made final approach to the USS North Carolina. "Showgirl," he says, "how is the docking procedure going?"

A flicker of light dances next to the Brigadier and Holographic Vulcan female that was the physical manifest of the ship's computer appeared. "Sir, the Aquarius Class Light Escort should be docked in less than two minutes. I have already begun the initial protocols to synchronize the escort with my operating systems. And for what it is worth, I'm glad you could get STARFLEET to approve the name in his Honor." says Lieutenant Showgirl.

"Thank You, Showgirl. Captain Reavis meant a great deal to both of us." Replies Brigadier Wilson as the nose of the Aquarius Escort moved closer to the hatch on this level of the Docking Bay. Silently he watches as the distance between the USS North Carolina and the USS John Reavis closes to zero. With a low thud the docking clamps engage. "Lieutenant Showgirl, make a note in the ships records that at this time the Aquarius Class Light Escort, USS John Reavis is now assigned tot he USS North Carolina."

"Acknowledged, Sir." Replies Lieutenant Showgirl, "All systems are not integrated with the USS North Carolina. Also the Shipyard Pilot reports he has a passenger aboard that is requesting Permission to come aboard."

There is a soft hiss as the Docking Port Door stabilizes and softly slides open to reveal a man in the Dress Blacks of the STARFLEET Marines.

"Permission to come aboard sir?" said Colonel Samet as he steps toward the Brigadier saluting him.

"Permission Granted," replied the Brigadier replied returning the salute then holding out his hand. "How was the transfer from the Typhon and the Reavis?'

Samet dropped his salute and takes the Brigadier's hand, "It went very well thank you. The John Reavis is an impressive vessel. I understand it will be assigned to the North Carolina from now on."

The Brigadier glimpse a small smile, "Yes it will."

"Excuse me Sir", Lt. Showgirl said, "Colonel Samet's quarters are ready and his orderly is on his way now."

"Oh thank you lieutenant. Let me introduce you to Colonel Samet. Samet this is Lt. Showgirl the ships AI." said the Brigadier.

"It's wonderful to meet you sir. If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know." Showgirl said with a smile.

"Thank you Lt. It will be my honor." Samet said.

Just then a very flustered young Lt.jg burst into the docking bay area and comes to a completed stop less than a foot from Samet. "Sir I am Lt.jg Mathews," throwing up a very shaky salute, " and I will be your orderly. I must apologize for my tardiness but I was getting you quarters set up as you requested. Sir"

Samet returns his salute. "That will be alright for now. Please take my things to my quarters and send a message to Lt. Colonel Evirao Zh'tisrol, Head of Security, Federation Embassy, KRONOS. Please advise that I have arrived and that I am well."

The young lt. replied with a hefty "Yes Sir" and hurried and picked up the luggage that has been sat down outside the docking door. The then hurried off.

"How is Evi doing? She liking her new posting?" the Brigadier asked.

"She says it is very exciting serving on the Klingon Home World but say it is getting a little tiring from the Klingon Security agents challenging her. Being a Female Andorian Starfleet Office, they seem to get the idea that she is week." Samet said raising and elbrow.

The Brigadier smirks, "And of course she has to 'educate' them in not judging a book by it's cover."

"Indeed." Samet said "But the last 'educational ' instruction put her in the med bay with 2 broken ribs."

The Brigadier could only smile and shake his head.

"If you will excuse me Brigadier I need to get settled in." Samet said straightening his tunic.

"Of course. I show you to your quarter. We can talk some more on the way."

The two officers walk out of the docking bay area as showgirl fades.


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