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An Urgent Request

Posted on Monday April 29th, 2019 @ 1:09pm by Lieutenant Showgirl & Brigadier General Jonathan Wilson

Episode: S1E1 - Not Until Tuesday ...
Location: Deck 01 - Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0830


General Wilson was sitting at his desk going over the personnel manifest and making notes on what positions he needs to get with Starfleet Personnel to assign to the ship when Lieutenant Showgirl flickered into existence on the opposite side of his desk.

"Sir!" says Lieutenant Showgirl. "You have received an Alpha Level Priority Message from STARFLEET Command. Admiral Simmons is requesting to speak with you immediately, Sir."

"Ok, Showgirl, transfer the Admiral's call to my terminal here on my desk."

"Yes, Sir" she replies as the terminal lights up with the STARFLEET Priority Alpha logo.

General Wilson blinks as the logo disappears and is replaced with the serious green face of Admiral Simmons.

"General Wilson, sorry to have to bust in on you but I just got this report on the USS Rodger Young and I felt you needed to be made aware immediately." Says Admiral Simmons, the scar down his left cheek still visible against his green skin.

"What's happened, Gumby?" asks General Wilson. The USS Rodger Young was the Scout ship that Starfleet had sent ahead into the region of the Beta Quadrant that the USS North Carolina was going to investigate.

"We received a distress signal from the Rodger Young about an hour ago, the attached sensor logs and video data was heavily distorted but it appears that they were attacked by an unknown class of starship. Transferring the data to the USS North Carolina." replies Admiral Simmons.

"I have it Sir." says Lieutenant Showgirl as a holographic screen appears next to her showing the heavily damaged video of a starship, appearing to be roughly Cruiser sized, moving from behind a planetoid, maybe a small moon or large asteroid, to face what General Wilson guesses is the USS Rodger Young.

"Unknown Vessel, this is Captain Drake of the United Federation Starship Rodger Young." says a voice on the video and before Captain Drake can finish his sentence white dots appear from all sides of the unknown starship and speed towards the USS Rodger Young. The video ends and the holographic screen disappears.

"I'm not sure what kind of weapon system that was, but it took out the Rodger young before they could even return fire," says Admiral Simmons.

"Sir, time-index by time-index analysis of the video seems to indicate that the white dots are some form of physical torpedo system," says Lieutenant Showgirl.

"General Wilson, I'm changing the USS North Carolina to top position on the Shipyard Resources List, I want her prepped, loaded, and ready to deploy to this area in 72 hours or less," says Admiral Simmons.

"Yes, Sir. We will be ready and find out what happened to the Rodger Young." Replies General Wilson.

"Good Hunting General Wilson," says Admiral Simmons as his screen goes blank.

"Showgirl, make sure all the crew knows about the change in the Mission Schedule and contact General Constantine, I'd like to supplement out current Marine detachment with a squad or two of those new Powered Infantry Armors," says Brigadier General Wilson.

"Yes Sir," replies Lieutenant Showgirl before she blinks out of existence.


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