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A Surprise Visitation

Posted on Wednesday September 4th, 2019 @ 10:07pm by Lieutenant Showgirl & Brigadier General Jonathan Wilson & Major General TJ Allen

Episode: S1E1 - Not Until Tuesday ...
Location: Deck 01 - Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1100


The transporter pad whined to life as a man in the Navy-Blue Starfleet uniform materialized on it. As he blinks and looks around he is greeted by a Dark-haired human Lieutenant in Command Red.

"General Allen, welcome aboard the USS North Carolina. I had your transport diverted from the Main Transporter room to the Bridge Transporter Pad, Sir," said Lieutenant Showgirl.

Major General Allen asked, “Permission to come aboard”

General Allen walked over to the console and placed his hand on the console. “Computer recognize Major General TJ Allen”, General Allen said.

"Identity recognized, Major General Allen, please state your access code to enable ship command access," replied the ship's computer in the same voice as the Lieutenant that had greeted him when he materialized on the transporter pad.

Major General Allen gave his Access Code, “Code Alpha 1 Omega 7 9-4-9”.

"Access code recognized, Command Access to the USS North Carolina is now granted in recognition of your new assignment as the Executive Officer, Sir." replies Lieutenant Showgirl, "If you will follow me, I'll take you to General Wilson in his Ready Room."

The young Lieutenant turned and guided General Allen around the huge Bridge Module to a side ramp leading down to a door. As she approached the door from the other side of the door you hear a what was once referred to as classic rock playing over the speakers in the Ready Room. When Lieutenant Showgirl approached the door, the door chime sounded, and the music stopped.

"Enter," called out a voice from the other side of the door just before it slides open to reveal the Captain's Ready Room. Brigadier General Jonathan Wilson is seated behind his desk going over items on several PADDs spread across the surface of the desk. He looks up as the door completely opened and saw Lieutenant Showgirl and Major General Allen.

"Major General, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" asks Brigadier General Wilson.

"Well, Brigadier General, I was sent the roster and info for this mission as they wanted me to assist. I noticed that you are missing an Executive Officer. So, I offer my services to you as your Executive Officer and filling in on the Strategic Operations Officer", said Major General Allen. "That is if you will have me."

Brigadier General Wilson smiled as he replied, "Well, Sir. Think you can adjust to me giving the orders for a change?"

"This is your ship and your command. I am not here to step on your feet.", said General Allen. "I think General that you command, and I will come up with strategic info for you and ways to work it."

“I think we can work with that.” Said Brigadier General Wilson as he stood up and offered his hand to his old friend and former commanding officer.

“Sirs, I will be right back, we have another important visitor.” Said Lieutenant Showgirl before she vanished in a shimmer of a fading hologram.

A few minutes later the door to the Ready Room chimed again. “Enter,” called out Brigadier General Wilson as he turned to face the opening door.

“Ah, General Allen, welcome aboard the USS North Carolina. I believe you already know Major General Allen.” Said Brigadier General Wilson with a dry smile at the implied meeting of General Allen and General Allen.

“Indeed, I do, Brigadier General. TJ, good to see you again.” Said General Allen with a slight nod to Major General Allen.

"Welcome, sir." Said Major General Allen. He turned to Brigadier General Wilson, "Sir, May I be dismissed to start reviewing the logs of the last transmissions? I like to get started early and not delay our mission."

“Of Course, Number One.” Replied Brigadier General Wilson to Major General Allen.

Major General Allen then turned and nodded to General Allen before walking past him and leaving the Ready Room.

“So General Allen, what can I do for you today?” Asked Brigadier General Wilson as he turned to face General Allen.

“Well,” said General Allen as he took one of the seats in front of Brigadier General Wilson’s Desk, “I noticed this morning that the mission parameters had been drastically changed for the USS North Carolina, and I wanted to make sure you had started to receive your new equipment allocations.”

“I see. Lieutenant, what is our Marine Equipment Allocation as of right now?” asked Brigadier General Wilson.

“As of 1130 Hours, we have received 70% of our Brigade Personnel, half of our Squadron pilots are on board, however, we have only received 1 of the Valkyrie Mark II Fighters, and none of the Gryphon Heavy Fighters yet.” Said Lieutenant Showgirl.

“Impressive that the Lieutenant has such up to date records, and off the top of her head.” Said General Allen.

“Well, the Lieutenant here is not like any other member of my crew. General Allen allow me to introduce Lieutenant Showgirl.” Said Brigadier General Wilson.

“Pleasure to meet you, General Allen.” Said Lieutenant Showgirl, “Sir, something has come up that requires my attention on Deck 8, with your permission.”

“Of Course, Lieutenant.” Said Brigadier General Wilson as Lieutenant Showgirl nodded and flickered out of existence.

General Allen let out a low whistle as the Lieutenant disappeared. “So that is the classified Project Showgirl?” he asked to no one in particular.

“Yes, she is quite impressive.” Said Brigadier General Wilson. “Would you care for some tea?” he asked as he turned and stood up walking over to the replicator.


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