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Location, location, location

Posted on Tuesday April 30th, 2019 @ 3:35pm by Marine Captain Marcus Del Gado

Episode: S1E1 - Not Until Tuesday ...
Location: Mobile Marine Base Peter Pace
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000


Location,Location Location

A Star Trek novel by Marcel Warren
The computer droned on with its mechcanical familiararity of the time and like clockwork, Marine Captain Marcus Del Gado got up to report for his new duty port. It wasnt a Starbase in the conflicts zone areas or some ballyhooed starship of great status. No, was a ship so secret that many people who got the berth are under Starfleet Security watch. Marcus didnt mind it so much that he left his Delta Flyer Archer class. In fact he wanted to take it with him. But he was wanted to have new challenges, new horizons. He didnt like however, the constant shadow of Starfleet security. But what would you expect with a uber super secret starship and a destination you don't know where in the cosmos is? As the wormhole came into view, the Security agent then got out of his seat and walked up to him. "Sorry Captain," He said appoligeticly "But I have to put you under. You know the drill. Protocals and all." He help up a up tp hypo spray which I gathered was to sedate me. "Have you ever been to a place where you had to go under young man?" I asked him. "No Sir, I havent but I do know this...where you're going I don't envy one bit. " And the hypo spray was gently applied. Upon waking up with a nudge from the same Starfleet Security officer. My eyes caught a Mobile Marine Base that was attached to a temporary drydock." This is where you get off Sir" The young man said.

I looked him over as I grabbed my gear and said " Do you want to switch and learn how to fly?" He shook his head and replied "Captain, I let guys like you do what they do so that I can do what I need to do. And that is keeping everything safe and sound." Good Luck to you Captain Del Gado." and as I stepped onto the transporter pad surrounded by all my gear, He saluted me and within seconds were whisked over to the transported pad of the MMB Peter Pace.

When I arrived I was greated by a deckhand. I thought that Starfleet was robbing the cradle when I saw this waif. She had a nice, welcoming smile as she spoke "Its not every day that we get such a high prioity passenger such as you Sir. We just do what we're told and go about our day." I looked around and saw the hustle and bustle of the base as if something major was about to majesticly come into play. "Where is the responsible ...." "People Captain???...Right this way.."She led me to a turbolift and we moved quickly to a anteroom. Since the design of a MMB is circular, I just didnt have a clue if I was port or starboard of the place. "Ring level 5, Section 10 is where you are Sir. The Commanding General will be in momentarily." and she left without further word. Leaving me to my most private thoughts on what this place is holding onto. "What indeed is behind door number one" I mused peering at the blacked out drydock.

Marine Captain Marcus Del Gado
CAG; USS North Carolina
155th Marine Air Assualt Wing


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