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New Oppertunities

Posted on Sunday August 25th, 2019 @ 3:22pm by Lieutenant Showgirl & Brigadier General Jonathan Wilson & Sergeant Alice Murphy

Episode: S1E1 - Not Until Tuesday ...
Location: Deck 01 - Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1030


Brigadier General Wilson sat behind his desk in his Ready Room, looking over the personnel reports on a PADD. As he scrolled down the report he stopped taped on of the Personnel Files and read it very closely. "Showgirl," he said as he finishes the file.

With a slight flicker, the ship's holographic interface, codenamed Project Showgirl, flickered into existence on the other side of his desk.

"Yes, Sir," said the hologram.

"Can you contact the Marine Quartermaster's office and see if we could allocate a squad's worth of the new Mark III Heavy Combat Exosuits?" asked Brigadier General Wilson.

"Sir, we already have a full Platoon's allocation of those suits," replied Lieutenant Showgirl.

"That is going to be Fifth Platoon, right. So, we have all the squads assigned?" asked Brigadier General Wilson.

"Sixth Squad is currently unassigned, but all others in that Platoon have been staffed, Sir." replied Lieutenant Showgirl.

"Sergeant Murphy, report to my ready room." said Brigadier General Wilson as tapped his commbadge.

"Yes, Sir!" came the sharp reply of a female voice over the commbadge before the channel disconnected.

“Showgirl, can you transport one of the Mark III Exosuits to my ready room?” asked Brigadier General Wilson.

“Yes, Sir.” Replied Lieutenant Showgirl as the faint hum of a transporter sounded and rose to reveal the massive bulk of the Mark II Combat Exosuit now standing next to Lieutenant Showgirl.

“Good lord, that thing if more intimidating in person than it was during the design phase.” Said Brigadier General Wilson as he stands up and walks around to look closer at the equipment.

“Yes, Sir.” Said Lieutenant Showgirl. “In the standard configuration, this suit has the equivalent firepower of a Type 6 Shuttlecraft. Forearm mounted compression phasers on each arm, shoulder-mounted phaser turret with independent targeting and under-mounted photon grenade launcher.”

“Sir, Sergeant Murphy has arrived.” Said Lieutenant Showgirl just before the door chime sounded to indicate someone was at the door to the Captain’s ready room.

“Enter.” Said Brigadier General Wilson and the door slid open to admit Sergeant Murphy.

“Sergeant Murphy reporting as ordered, Sir.” Said Sergeant Alice Murphy as she stepped through the doorway and snapped to attention with a crisp salute.

“At Ease, Sergeant.” Said Brigadier General Wilson as he turned to face the Sergeant and returned the salute. “I understand from your service jacket that you are familiar with this new piece of equipment.” Brigadier General Wilson nods his head to indicate the Mark III Combat Exosuit standing next to him.

“Yes, Sir. I was certified to use both the Mark I and Mark II Exosuits, but this model is a little different than the ones we were trained on, Sir.” Said Sergeant Murphy as she looks the Mark III Exosuit up and down.

“Yes, this is the new Mark III Combat Exosuit. It is designed to give one Powered Infantryman the firepower and combat effectiveness of an entire Light Infantry Squad.” Said Lieutenant Showgirl.

Sergeant Murphy lets out a low whistle of approval as she takes a step forward then snaps her attention back on the Brigadier General. “May I, Sir?” she asked.

“Of course, Sergeant.” Replied Brigadier General Wilson adding a slight nod.

Sergeant Murphy stepped closer to the Mark III Combat Exosuit, her hand lightly touching the armored bulk as she slowly walked around it. “It is much bigger than the Mark II Suit, does it have any other modifications besides the increased armor?” she asked.

“Quite a few actually,” replied Brigadier General Wilson, “Aside from having increased firepower, and as you noticed increased physical armor, the Mark III also contains advanced life support functions and an increased duration of operation of 48 hours before needing to recharge. The Mark III also has a Personal Shields system.”

“That is most impressive, Sir” replied Sergeant Murphy.

“I would hope that impressed you. Since this is your new suit.” Said Brigadier General Wilson.

“My new suit, sir?” asked Sergeant Murphy.

“Yes, Lieutenant Showgirl please record that effective immediately Sergeant Murphy is assigned as Squad Leader of Sixth Squad, Fifth Platoon.” Said Brigadier General Wilson, “And that the Mark III Combat Exosuit in this Readyroom is assigned to her.”

“Yes, Sir.” Replied Lieutenant Showgirl, “Sir, the Mark III will require a new complete Biometric download to be synchronized to the Sergeant.”

“I see.” Said Brigadier General Wilson, “Then your next order, Sergeant, is to get yourself to Sickbay and have the Chief Medical Officer get that download ready.”

“Yes, Sir.” Replied Sergeant Murphy snapping to attention and saluting again. Sergeant Murphy’s eyes flicker between the Brigadier General’s face and the Mark III Combat Exosuit in a silent question.

“Lieutenant Showgirl have the Mark III Combat Exosuit transported back to the Sixth Squad, Fifth Platoon’s Squad Bay for the Sergeant.” Said Brigadier General Wilson. “Dismissed Sergeant.” He said with a crisp return salute to the Sergeant.

Sergeant Murphy drops her salute and turns to walk out the door to the Captain’s ready room as the faint hum of a transporter sounds just before the door slides closed behind her.


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