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I Hate Needles

Posted on Friday December 6th, 2019 @ 9:45am by Lieutenant Zalah Malayi & Sergeant Alice Murphy

Episode: S1E1 - Not Until Tuesday ...
Location: Deck X: Sickbay 1
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1045


The door to Sickbay 1 slides open and Sergeant Alice Murphy steps in. Looking around she spots the office for the Chief Medical Officer and takes a deep breath as she steps forward and knocks on the frame of the doorway.

"Doctor Malayi?" she asked.

"Sorry to disturb you unannounced, Ma'am, but Brigadier General Wilson just assigned me to a Powered Infantry Squad and I need to have a complete Biometric workup created for upload into my new Mark III Combat Exosuit." replied the Sergeant with a slight blush on her Polynesian face.

"I'll be right with you, Sergeant," Dr. Mayali glanced up and nodded to the young woman with a smile.

"Go ahead and take a seat."

Looking back to her workstation, Mayali swiped away the inventory rosters she was approving and touched a search panel that pulled the sergeant's prior medical records and scanned them quickly to familiarize herself with the file, and within a couple minutes had sent the data to a new exam profile on her pad and collected her tricorder and joined her patient.

"Alright, Sergeant Murphy, thanks for waiting..." she gave her patient an appraising look and decided she looked a little uneasy, so she warmed her smile a few degrees. "First time for one of these?" She asked lightly to break the ice, while tapping in a quick sequence on the diagnostic bed's controls to set parameters.

“No, Ma’am, I just don’t like needles.” Replied Sergeant Murphy. “I can face down the Borg, or go Hand to Hand with a Klingon, but Needles....”. The Sergeant shivered at the mental image.

Dr. Malayi chuckled lightly as she gently pressed her patient back onto the diagnostic table and reached for her tricorder.

"Shouldn't need any needles today, Sergeant. Lie back, please."

As the tricorder and bed worked in tandem to supply her vitals and labs, she glanced over the data on the readout screen and checked it against both the Sergeant's medical records and the standard requisites for handling the physical requirements of the exosuits, then channeled the information required of the exosuits to function to the appropriate files and entered the commands for the exosuit to maintain a baseline tailored specifically to the Sergeant's biodata.

"...aaaand... done. Not so bad, right?" Dr. Mayali smiled and tucked her tricorder in her pocket. "Thank you for coming in so promptly. I'm used to having to send minions out to hunt people down for these."


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