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An Exciting Start

Posted on Tuesday September 3rd, 2019 @ 1:07pm by Lieutenant Showgirl & First Lieutenant Mora

Episode: S1E1 - Not Until Tuesday ...
Location: Exterior Space Dock Frame #9
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1100


First Lieutenant Mora skillfully glided the new Yellowstone M-Class Marine Dropship through the traffic buzzing around her new assignment, the USS North Carolina. As she approached the Shuttle bay she opened a communications channel with the North Carolina. “USS North Carolina, this is Marine Dropship 15679 on final approach. Requesting permission to land in the shuttle bay.” She said.

“Marine Dropship 15679, this is Lieutenant Showgirl for the USS North Carolina, you have been assigned to the Sixth Squad, Fifth Platoon. I have sent you update flight information to the Squad Dropship Bay being currently installed on Deck 8 Sector 153. Please move to the indicated area and hold for the module installation to finish. Also updating your identifier from 15679 to Lawbringer.” Said the female voice over the communications channel.

“Marine Dropship Lawbringer, acknowledged. Moving to indicated holding pattern now. Lawbringer out.” Replied First Lieutenant Mora as she glided the Runabout away from the main shuttle bay approach and off to the side of the USS North Carolina. Looking out the side cockpit window, First Lieutenant Mora saw something she has never seen before in her short Starfleet career. Workbees were moving a large section of the USS North Carolina’s deck 8 out away from the ship. Two smaller Workbees that Mora had never seen before, were holding a large section of what had to be the outer hull of the starship in a position above the ones that were extracting the deck section.

“What is going on, I’ve never seen anything like this.” Said First Lieutenant Mora mainly to herself as she continued to watch the Workbees move the deck section out. As the deck section cleared the outer hull of the ship, Mora noticed that another section was moving up from below the ship towards where the previous section had been removed. As it was moved into alignment with the hole in the side of the ship, Mora noticed that this one looked like a small shuttle bay complete with the outer hull doors.

“Lawbringer to USS North Carolina, what is going on with these parts of the ship being moved around?” asked First Lieutenant Mora.

“Lawbringer, the USS North Carolina received updated Mission Parameters earlier this morning that required a change in the modular design of the ship. Diplomatic and Laboratory modules are being changed out for small Dropship Bay Modules like the one you see. We have also had extra Marine Barracks Modules added. The Dropship bay for the Lawbringer is the last module we have to change out.” Replied the female voice that Mora recalled from earlier.

As Mora continued to watch in amazement, the Workbees began to push the Dropship Bay Module into the USS North Carolina. When it was completely placed into the North Carolina, Mora noticed that the indicator lights on the bay lit up and the large bay doors slowly cycled opened and closed.

“It’s already powered up and part of the ship?” asked Mora to the empty dropship cockpit.

“Correct, First Lieutenant. As soon as the Workbees have cleared the old module and hull plate section, you will be able to land the Lawbringer in the Bay.” Replied Lieutenant Showgirl.

“Oh, Sorry!” Exclaimed First Lieutenant Mora as she realized she had left the communications channel open to the North Carolina.

“It is ok, First Lieutenant. But I do suggest you land the Lawbringer nose out in the bay, it is designed for the rapid deployment of Marines. USS North Carolina out.” Said Lieutenant Showgirl.

First Lieutenant Mora watched as the Workbees cleared the area with the removed section of the ship’s decking and outer hull. Now the warning lights of a working shuttle bay blinked around the massive bay door as if the bay had always been apart of the ship. First Lieutenant Mora eased the Lawbringer dow to line up with the bay door before remembering Lieutenant Showgirl’s advice and rotated the Lawbringer 180 degrees so that the nose of the dropship was facing away from the USS North Carolina.

“Lawbringer to USS North Carolina, in position to land in the dropship bay.” Said First Lieutenant Mora.

“Acknowledged Lawbringer, Opening Dropship Bay doors now.” Replied Lieutenant Showgirl.

The large Dropship bay doors silently moved apart behind the Dropship Lawbringer. As they reached their fully opened position, a tractor-beam reached out and gently guided the Lawbringer into the bay and setting it down on the deck.

“Lawbringer is down and secured,” said First Lieutenant Mora, “Lawbringer out.”

First Lieutenant Mora reached over and shut down the Dropship’s controls and power before she stood up and walked towards the loading ramp of the Lawbringer.


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