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Meet the new boss . . .

Posted on Sunday December 15th, 2019 @ 11:50am by Brigadier General Jonathan Wilson & Lieutenant Huren Vael

Episode: S1E1 - Not Until Tuesday ...
Location: USS North Carolina
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1130


Turbolift #7
"Main bridge." Huren stated as the door close behind him. He looked to the PADD once more and let out a sigh. The gentle whirring of the turbolift faded to white noise in his mind as he looked over last minute changes being made to the ship configuration. The noise stopped, and the doors hissed open before him. He stepped out and took a minute to orient himself in the bridge layout. Holographic work stations lined the inner ring of a spacious bridge section and the main viewer was its own free-standing unit. He crossed the bridge and press the door chime on the ready room then waited for the call.

Captain’s Ready Room
Brigadier General Wilson is sitting at his desk looking over the latest status reports on the reconfiguration of the USS North Carolina’s deck layout when the door chime sounded.

Silently Lieutenant Showgirl materialized in one of the chairs on the opposite side of Brigadier General Wilson's desk.

“Enter.” Called out Brigadier General Wilson as he put down the PADD in his hand and looked up towards the door of his Ready Room.

The young Trill walked in when the door hissed open in front of him coming to attention just in front of the desk. "Lieutenant Huren Vael reporting, Permission to come aboard sir?"

"Granted Lieutenant, Welcome aboard the USS North Carolina. What do you think of her?" asked Brigadier General Wilson as he motioned for the Lieutenant to take the one empty chair on that side of his desk.

He looked around for a moment sniffing lightly before sitting in the offered chair, "I've built at least two Odyssey-class ships in my time at Utopia sir, and seen the launch of at least seven others, never once have I seen one put to active before its shake down." Huren reached out and set two PADDs on the desk and slid one towards the General, "My transfer orders. I have to say I’m leery of throwing an untested ship into a potentially dangerous situation."

“Ah, I understand. So, you do not recognize this particular Odyssey-Class Ship then?” ask Brigadier General Wilson as he looked at the Lieutenant. “Her hull number is the same, but the last time you saw her she was NX-97005, and just called Odyssey-Class Testbed Project. You were the Engineering Officer that made design changes that allowed several of her systems to be updated to our new design specifications.”

“She also does not like it when members of the crew talk about how unfit to perform her duties she is when walking along a corridor under modification.” Said Lieutenant Showgirl in the same voice that the Computer of the USS North Carolina is currently using.

Huren took a moment to look around quizzically before settling his gaze back to his new commander, "I was only tasked to test bed for a month or two, barely long enough to figure out the 'swordfish' modifications, before they moved me over to the USS Keval to start installing its EPS system." He paused for a moment and shot a confused half glance to the lieutenant next to him before continuing. "I honestly thought those recommendations would get boxed and forgotten."

“No, there were taken and modified into a way to quickly reconfigure the Odyssey-Class into a mission variable workhorse.” Replied Brigadier General Wilson. “And speaking of reconfigurations, we have one more that needs to happen, and I would like for you to oversee it. The Diplomatic suite on Deck 2 is being replaced with a small Barracks Module and Dropship Module. Given that Deck 3 is fully operational I would like your personal touch on the change out.”

“Also, when you get the time I need you to read this classified brief on a key system of the USS North Carolina that your team will be working very closely with.” Said Brigadier General Wilson as he handed a PADD to Lieutenant Vael.

"Deck 2 module swap, Ay sir. I'll get to it right after I pass through engineering, I want to catch up to Lt. Shola and get a status update." As he spoke, he picked up the PADDD and started skimming. His eyebrows started moving up his face as he read, "Rho dani ya gai indeed. . . wait" He looked over at the lieutenant next to him. "ions. . ," he muttered softly before going to a normal tone of voice, "She?"

Brigadier General Wilson grinned as he replied, “I think you now understand how you might have started off on the wrong foot with our wonderful ship.” Brigadier General Wilson looked over at Lieutenant Showgirl, “Lieutenant considering how he was one of the engineers that first proposed your modular deck design, think you will be able to cut him a little slack?”

“Yes, Sir.” Replied Lieutenant Showgirl as she turned to face Lieutenant Vael, “I hope that we will be able to advance the systems of the USS North Carolina beyond the original developed specifications.”

"If nothing else I am a consummate tinkerer," He said mater-of-factly before turning back to his new captain. "If there is nothing else sir, i'll get started. I want to know who signed the warp core before we start it up." He rose to his feet and stood beside his chair waiting expectantly.

"That will be all Lieutenant." said Brigadier General Wilson as he also rose.


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