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Reporting Aboard

Posted on Monday November 25th, 2019 @ 1:00pm by Ensign Morgan Morris
Edited on on Monday November 25th, 2019 @ 1:32pm

Episode: S1E1 - Not Until Tuesday ...
Location: USA North Carolina
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1430


“Here we go," ensign Morgan thought to himself as he stepped onto the transporter pad. Receiving a new assignment was always like getting a new start, with a new position . But this assignment would be different, a few good things and a few bad with he’s new responses

"Stand by to transport, Sir," said the Petty Officer operating the transporter. "USS North Carolina has acknowledged your name on their manifest." Ensign Morgan held still as he was enveloped in a blue haze. The Petty Officer and the blue bulkhead of the starbase transporter room disappeared and were instantly replaced with the more modern look of the USS North Carolina's transporter room. Lit well enough, but the walls were grey paneling with black vertical support beams every two to three meters. And, of course, the panels at chest and eye level were mostly replaced with computer interfaces. Standing at the transporter control station was another a Chief Petty Officer, a man who looked like he was probably about 6 years older then the Ensign . "Welcome aboard, Sir," he greeted.

"Thank you,"ensign Morgan replied as he stepped off the transporter pad and walked up to the computer interface that showed the layout of the ship. "Where are my quarters?"

"You will be staying here, Sir," the Chief Petty Officer pointed to the location on the ship layout indicating the deck and room number. It was still in the saucer section, but facing forward.Ensign Morgan wanted to ensure he was located as close to the bridge as possible. All the quarters surrounding the brigade bays were occupied by the crew, and rightly so. They needed to be able to mobilize and deploy out of the ship rapidly without hindrance. Ensign Morgan’s Team would be located on the same deck as the bridge , but on the opposite end of the saucer. That would work fine. "Do you need an escort to help you find it, Sir?"

"No thank you, I'll find it."

Walking down the almost unending maze of corridors and lifts to arrive at his room, ensign Morgan’s 's memory reflected back on how he had volunteered to join the security branch Starfleet was standing up for the first time in recent memory. His previous career path, as shuttle accident prompted him to make a change to the direction he was going in life. He was put on an accelerated Starfleet security training program to familiarize him with the unique styles, tactics, techniques, and rank structure. From the ranks of the security Trainees were selected. Once they passed the initial screening to ensure they had no bad marks on their records, criminal history, and basically to ensure they were physically, mentally and emotionally sound, they were tried and tested during security training . Ensign Morgan smiled remembering the agony he was put through to prove he had what it takes. It was a refining moment in his life, a moment when he learned what he was really made of, and how badly he wanted to be chief of security . He was also glad that part of his career was behind him now. After Assessment and Selection was over, the candidates were told whether or not they made the cut. Those who did went on to spend another two years progressing through a series of schools and programs training them on survival and not getting killed , weapons and tactics, close quarters combat, insurgent and irregular warfare tactics, and surgical strikes . The process took so long that all graduating security branch , when they took their first assignment.

"Ah, here it is," he said to himself. He pressed the access button on the control panel outside his quarters' door, and the distinct voice of the computer responded with "Please state your name, Rank, and assigned duty position. "

“ Morgan morris rank ensign and chief of security of the uss North Carolina “ as the door opened and he walked to the computer of the room and opened the personnel log and reported for duty and opened a channel to captain and said “ reporting for duty captain “and waited for him to reply to the message.


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