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Culinary Impasse

Posted on Friday February 21st, 2020 @ 4:20pm by Ensign Morgan Morris & Civilian To'gan

Episode: S1E1 - Not Until Tuesday ...
Location: Shuttle Bay 1
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000


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"Ensign, this is Crewman Mendez in Shuttle Bay 1, we got a situation here that needs your attention." says Crewman Mendez over the commbadge. ensign, Morgan Morris walks in to the shuttle bay from hearing the attention from the combadge and waited for the crewman to speak to him.

Inside the shuttle bay a Klingon in a fur jacket stand at the end of the load ramp of an old and worn type 9a shuttle. A bat'leth held firmly in the grasp of one hand and a small barrel is tucked on the other arm. Four of the security personal have him surrounded with phasers at the ready. A low growl can be heard from the area whenever the security personal try to move. A tan skinned security carefully walks over to the ensign his eyes never leaving the opposing figure on the other side of the room. "Sir this klingon," His eyes flicker quickly to the PADD in his hand, "To'gan, says he has clearance to board the ship, his documents and manifest check out but when we noticed there were more crates then on his list, he uhh... objected to our attempt to search them."


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