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Security checks

Posted on Thursday December 12th, 2019 @ 8:08pm by Ensign Morgan Morris

Episode: S1E1 - Not Until Tuesday ...
Location: Security office
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000


As the doors open to the security centre , as ensign morgan morris Walking in to the area when he grabbed a data padd and says he’s security code in to it to unlock it “ morris-beta-1-6-9-Viktor“ when the data padd unlocked and morgan began to check the Inventory of the security centre and walked to he’s office and sat down in the chair and began to get in to he’s work and think of the drills that he might ask the captain for them .

With the day getting later and later he left he’s chair and walked to the armour on the other side of the centre and picked up a phaser and put it on he’s belt and walked out of the centre and put a security code on the door. As morgan walked to holodeck closet to him and arrived at it and told the computer “ load program morris-2-4-bravo) with the program being loaded and he walked in and a battlefield on earth in 2289 field with Klingons on the field . When morgan was on the field the Klingons began to fire there weapons at him when he jumped to the ground and fired at them taking two out and the rest of them still running at morgan when the one he killed with he’s phaser he picked up a bat'leth from one of them and began to fight them in hand combat and getting cut but defending then in battle one by one and winning the battle and ended the program and leaving the holodeck then return to the security centre and unlocked it with the security command code . With him putting the the phaser back and going to he’s office to take a nap for the next shift for a minute of rest .


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