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"The Big Entrance"

Posted on Sunday February 16th, 2020 @ 2:11am by Major Neteri "Ikran" Shannon

Episode: S1E1 - Not Until Tuesday ...
Location: Various
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000



Neteri looked at the Commodore, "You want me to what?!?!?! You're kidding…..I would rather resign my commission than be stuck here on the ground teaching cadets!"

"Commander Neteri, Starfleet needs dedicated people like you to teach our new cadets your flying methods. You have an outstanding record and reputation for getting the job done with the fewest casualties", Commodore Hanson said.

"Look I can do much better out there," she said pointing to the heavens, "rather than being here on the ground. The Adrondight captain didn't give me my Gryphon just to sit here collecting dust!?!?! Now get me an assignment on a ship or I QUIT!!!" Neteri shouted, and stormed out of his office.

Neteri wound up in her fighter cockpit steaming. How dare they try to keep her here with her combat and teaching experience. She was meant to be flying in the stars. Firing up 'Ghost' she quickly was in the air heading out into open space just her and her fighter free from gravity and stress. Flying was her way of relaxing and letting the stress just go as she flew. Flying her fighter easily, she went through her own dog fight scenarios and made each one slightly better than the last. Varying the patterns around she always came up with new ideas. Some worked and others were not practical but she always tried to improve on them.

Her com beeped, "Cmdr. Shannon, Commodore Hanson requests your presence on the field. Please land as soon as possible". Shaking her head, 'Now what' she said softly, "Understood, landing now", she said. Landing 'Ghost', she did here customary check of her Gryphon and headed to the Commodore's office.

Without waiting to be admitted, she walked in and immediately came to attention! "Admiral Gresham, sir! I wasn't told you would be here", Neteri said quickly. Neteri's heart stopped and then started again. Why is the Admiral here?

"Cmdr. Shannon, the Commodore has told me of your unwillingness to become a Flight Instructor. He has told me that you would rather quit than be on the ground. I can understand that and respect it as well but you realize you are close to insubordination on this", Gresham stated.

"Admiral, with all due respect, I will NOT be kept on the ground. I can do more good out there teaching while flying doing the real training in the fighter. It is better than simulators and when you teach by experience your pilots learn the art of survival faster than here. I find that 98% of my pilots learn faster during the real thing. Sure it might be dangerous but the odds are that same percentage come home alive. My life is dedicated to my pilots and I become their mother, father, friend, and counselor, in other words we become a close knit family that looks out for each other. We live and fly that way", Neteri said matter of factly.

Rubbing his chin, he smiled, "Well then I guess we have no choice but to assign you to a ship. She is currently leaving Space frame 9 now so if you hurry you will catch her. She is the USS North Carolina and you will be her new CAG and you've been given the rank of Major. Now go and do your job Major Shannon with my blessing", he said chuckling.

Neteri didn't need to be told twice, oh hell no! She was out the door, down the steps of the building, skidding into her quarters and grabbed her flight bag, uniform, and her best friend 'Lilsu', her red tailed hawk's cage and took off for her fighter. She made record time because it was just 0745 and the North Carolina was slated to leave at 0800. It would take her about an hour to get into the air and another 15 minutes to make it to the ship itself.

Once she had clearance, she took off and headed for the North Carolina tout suite. Flying high, she came up finally on the Space Frame 9 and it was true, she had already left and was heading out. She was a beautiful ship and she looked like a flying fortress or what they used to call them, aircraft carriers. She was immense and gorgeous and sleek. Opening up her com panel, =/\=USS North Carolina, Major Neteri "Ikran" Shannon requesting landing instructions=/\= she said. It wasn't long before she was given clearance to land. However before she did, she smirked and did something that they used to do back in the day. She did a low level flyby of the bridge. She flew down the port side of the ship, around the bridge, then down the starboard side and finally flying into the landing bay upside down scaring the entire flight deck crew to death. At the right distance, just before she ran out of room, she flipped 'Ghost' right side up and landed gently. Popping the canopy, she stood up and smiled, "That was fun!" Dismounting, she took her things and the birds cage and looked at the terrified crew chief, "Where is the CAG's quarters? I need to drop this stuff off before I report to the boss". Neteri was finally back where she belonged, in space and in her fighter 'Ghost'.


Major Neteri "Ikran" Shannon
CAG/Alpha 1
USS North Carolina


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