Computer Systems Check

Posted on Wednesday April 8th, 2020 @ 7:52pm by Lieutenant JG Nolan Perry & Petty Officer 3rd Class Dorsey Wethern & Lieutenant JG Cody Cooper

Episode: S1E1 - Not Until Tuesday ...
Location: Primary Computer Core
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 2100


Lt Cooper steps into the Computer Core, and looks for the Computer Systems Specialist Perry. He sees him and taps him on the back, "Lt Perry?". Lt. Perry turns around and says "That's me, how can I help you?". Lt Cooper says "I was sent over here by the Starbase, they want me to help you do the Computer Systems Certification before we send you out. I'm assigned to SS Astraios, but I'm here for a Conference and they asked me to help." Lt Perry said "Okay, Great! Want to start?". Cooper said "sure", they walked over to the Jefferies Tube and Opened It up and Perry crawls in. "Start Computer System Readiness Check".

Cooper "Command Computer Status?"

Perry looks at the Status Display in the Jeffries Tube "Showing Operational".

Cooper "Subsystems A1, D4, C9, V3, A2, and the Life Support Cores"

Perry " A1, D4, C9, V3 and Life Support Primary and Backup Operational, A2 is not installed yet"

Cooper notes that "Okay, All of the Science and Non Essential Systems are on Panel C, Do Any Show Red?"

Perry says "Negative, All Showing Green and Positive"

Cooper "That's It, all I need now is you and your Assistant's Signature on the Certification pad"

Lt. Perry slides out and stands up "Petty Officer Wethern!" A Female Enlisted Crewmember comes over "Yes, Sir?". "Lt Perry here needs out Signatures for our Computer Systems Readiness Certification". Cooper hands her the Pad, she looks over it and signs then hands it to Lt. Perry. He signs it as well then handing it back to Lt JG Cooper. "Thank you for stepping away from your conference to help us getty ready, We Have almost 1/3 of the crew we normally would" says Perry. "No, Problem. Have a Good Day" and he walks out and goes to the Turbolift and goes to the Transporter Room to transport back to the Starbase.