Marine Unit Readiness Program

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In the ages before starships roamed space, the US Marine Corps required that each of its Marines pass a series of tests or drills in order to become certified for combat. A Starship, Space Station, or other Vessel would also pass inspection before it was put into service.

This series of certifications is to be earned through the efforts of the entire Starfleet crew of a Starfleet Vessel, not just Marines.

The purpose of this program is to combine the efforts of Starfleet crews taking Academy classes (SFA or SFMCA). In the past, members took classes individually for their own edification, receiving promotion points and/or ribbons for earning each diploma. (OTS and OCC were the only Academy courses that affected the entire Vessel.) The MURP is designed to provide a platform in which Starfleet members can pool their diplomas for the good of the Unit.

How It Works

Rather than one or two people taking all the classes, the entire Starfleet crew will fulfill the requirements by submitting copies of diplomas or confirmations from classes they took at Starfleet Academy (SFA) and Starfleet Marine Academy (SFMCA). OIC'S and CO'S may affirm the existence of the diplomas by e-mail or by mail. Applicants do not have to send copies of the diplomas. The word of the OIC that he/she has seen those diplomas, confirmations, or database entries is good enough.

Available Branch of Service/Specialty Certificates

Aerospace Readiness (AE) Aerospace Medicine Readiness* Armor Readiness (AR)
Combat Engineering Readiness General Combined Readiness* Infantry Readiness
Leadership Dev. Readiness* Maritime Operations Readiness MECHA Readiness
Support Readiness Medical Readiness NCO Development Readiness*
Professional Dev. Readiness* Special Operations Readiness
Starred (*) listings are specialties and not official Branches of Service as outline in the Marine Force Manual.

General Requirements

MSG Qualification Criteria

Commissioned Vessels with 10 or more Starfleet personnel: At least THREE different crew members must be working together to certify the Branch of Service. Chapters in training with 5 or more Starfleet members but fewer than 10: At least TWO crew members must be working together to certify the Branch of Service. Pre-Chapters in training and outposts with fewer than 5 Starfleet members may certify the Branch of Service with ONE crewmember.

It is expected that an MSG/MEU will certify in its official MOS. However, it is permissible for MSG's to certify in any or all MOS's. This program is meant to reward participation in both academies. Diplomas and verifications will be accepted from any campus (past or present) of SFA or SFMCA.

Note: "choice of one (or two) diploma(s) from" followed by a list of schools means that the crew must submit TWO DIFFERENT SFA or SFMCA diplomas from any of the listed classes or schools, in addition to the SFMCA courses listed. The diplomas must be from DIFFERENT courses.