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USS North Carolina
USS North Carolina.png
*Registry: NCC-97005
*Class: Odyssey-class Marine Heavy Cruiser
*Faction: Federation
*Region: 1
*Commissioned: 200308.04
*Ship Yard: Utopia Planitia
*Ship Designer: Advanced Starship Design Bureu
*Operational Status: Active
Design Specifications
*Type: Cruiser
*Overall Length: 1062.0 meters
*Beam: 374.2 meters
*Draft: 148.3 meters
*Mass: 5,042,650 metric tons
*Decks: 31
Crew Compliment
*Officers: 300
*Enlisted: 1200
*Marines: 400
*Diplomatic: 200
*Passengers: 500
*Maximum Evacuation Capacity: 3500
Embarked Craft
*Auxiliary Craft: Aquarius-class Light Escort
Tactical Systems
*Armament: 9x Type XVI Collimated Phaser Array
Engineering Specifications
*Cruising Speed: 8.1 (Post-2312 Scale)
*Maximum Speed: 9.99 (Post-2312 Scale)
Senior Staff
*Commander: Jonathan Wilson
*Executive Officer: Cameron Devonshire
*Chief Engineering Officer: Hara Torsei
*Chief Medical Officer: Miamh Madison
*Chief Intelligence Officer: Jade O'Conner
Dedication Plaque
Ship's Logo
USS North Carolina logo.png


Construction and Initial Assignment

In Service

Missions of the USS North Carolina

2412 Season 1