Vessel Readiness Certification Program

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In the ages before starships roamed space, the United States Navy required that each of its ships pass a series of tests or drills in order to become certified for sea duty. A starship, space station, or other vessel should also pass inspection before it is put into service. Each department, and ultimately the entire vessel, can earn its certification.

This series of certifications is to be earned through the efforts of the entire STARFLEET crew onboard a STARFLEET vessel, hereafter referred to as "Chapter".

The purpose of this program is to combine the efforts of STARFLEET crews taking Academy exams (SFA and/or SFMCA). In the past, members took classes individually for their own edification, receiving promotion points for earning each diploma. During this time, Officer Training School (OTS) and Officer Command College (OCC) were the only Academy courses that affected the entire Chapter. The Vessel Readiness Certification Program (VRCP) is designed to provide a platform in which STARFLEET members can pool their diplomas for the good of the entire Chapter.

Competed Starship Certification

VRCP Certificate.png

Individual Department Certifications

155th Marine Strike Group VRCP.png Cadet Department VRCP.png Chaplain Department VRCP.png Command Department VRCP.png Communications Department VRCP.png Counselor Department VRCP.png Diplomatic Department VRCP.png Education-Recreation Department VRCP.png Engineering Department VRCP.png Intelligence Department VRCP.png Medical Department VRCP.png Operations Department VRCP.png Science Department VRCP.png Security Department VRCP.png Special Operations Department VRCP.png Tactical Department VRCP.png