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Chancellor Errtaal begins to form his government on Cardassia in this year.


53000 - 53999.9

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Trek Canon Events

  • Voyager encounters the USS Equinox, another Starfleet vessel stranded in the Delta Quadrant. The Equinox crew had since broken the Prime Directive and killed several nucleogenic lifeforms for use as a fuel source to power an enhanced warp drive. The Equinox eventually deserted Voyager after stealing a new shield emitter designed to prevent the lifeforms from attacking.
  • The USS Voyager pursues the Equinox and negotiates a cease fire with the nucleogenic lifeforms. The Equinox is later destroyed with only five crewmembers surviving.
  • Voyager encounters a graviton ellipse and retrieves data about the phenomenon from the command module of the Ares IV spacecraft, which had been trapped in the ellipse since 2032.
  • After five years, the Pathfinder Project of Starfleet's Communications Research Center manages to establish contact with Voyager, thanks to the efforts of Reginald Barclay. Eventually, Voyager is able to transmit and receive monthly data streams from the Alpha Quadrant.

Pegasus Fleet Canon Events

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Non-Canon Events

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