Bolarus IX

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Bolarus IX




  • 4 moons
Native Species:

Bolarus System, Alpha Quadrant


United Federation of Planets

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Bolarus IX (also known as Bolias, Bolax, or Bole) is a watery planet as there is very little land mass in comparison to the oceans and many settlements are underwater due to this fact. Two moons in orbit of Bolarus IX have been terraformed for farming due to this problem. It has come to be that the idea of living on ground instead of underwater is now repulsive to some Bolians. Bolarus IX has 2 continents and a system of islands in its vast oceans, and the population uses as much of the land as possible for farming. Even so, it is not enough to feed its population and Bolians depend heavily upon replicators for nourishment.


Bolarus IX is highly dependent on other systems for fresh food and upon its aquatic life. Two moons are used for mining rare minerals such as duranium and titanium which are used in starship construction. Also, the asteroid field in the inner part of the Bolian system is very rich in dilithium and certain gemstones. Bolian Silk, made from the skin of a type of fish, is highly prized among the Federation races. The Bank of Bolarus is a very trusted bank and is used by many offworlders. Several attempts have been made to rob it, only one of them successful.

Geographical Data


  • Bol’ki
  • Rabinu


  • Arinol
  • Bo’kitu (Capitol)
  • Bol’Kehr
  • Bolkinua
  • Bol’Kt
  • Bolsetu
  • Rholdar
  • Res’lar
  • Tragon
  • Viral

Points of Interest

  • Bolkintu Mountains
  • Cliffs of Bole
  • Rovim Mountains
  • Rasnih Mountains
  • Senden Funnel


Bolarus IX was a violent place to live prior to 1700 A.D. The main problem was the lack of land due to Bolarus’s status as a Class O planet. There are only 2 minor continents and a few islands, not near enough for a population of over a billion. Thus, warfare continued from the time Bolians could walk to around 1700-1800 AD. This was the point when a Bolian scientist, Merak Bojil, invented the planet’s first self-sustaining underwater dome. Fit for habitation, it was found to be a means of easing the planet’s overpopulation problem, but it did not entirely solve it. More and more underwater habitats were created, thus creating the same problem in the oceans.

Governments started looking to the stars, and saw that two of the moons in orbit of the planet had atmospheres capable of sustaining Bolian life. The governments knew they needed to work together to achieve this feat. In 2072, the planet of Bolarus IX came under one government known as the Quoron of Bole. Representatives could not nominate themselves, but rather the people nominated the person they thought could best do the job. Even so, at first all the representatives were male.

In 2074, the first spaceflight took place to the moon closest to Bolarus IX. The crew discovered that the moon, while having breathable oxygen, had high levels of CO2 and the ground was unfit for farming. They reported this to the Quoron officials, and returned home. The planet’s premiere scientists went to work, looking for ways to farm the moon. Eventually, one of them discovered terraforming: transforming a planet or moon into the needed specifications. They finally achieved this in 2092. They began terraforming the other moon that had a breathable atmosphere and eventually began to look farther beyond their own planet.

However, in the mid-22nd century, before the Bolians achieved warp speed, the Ferengi made first contact. The contact could not have been more disastrous. The generous Bolians were greatly taken advantage of by the greedy Ferengi. The Ferengi were eventually driven off the planet, but tried to repeat it on the moons. The people there had been warned of “the large ears” and took precautions. Thus, the Ferengi were forced to leave the system.

In 2252 Bolarus IX had its first warp flight that took place from Bolarus IX to the sun. This caught the attention of the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. Seeing that not everyone was like the Ferengi, the Bolians sent an ambassador back to Earth with the Enterprise. The ambassador always made a point of seeing Captain Pike after he had been injured.

In 2287, Bolarus IX became a member of the Federation thus gaining access to more food and replicator technology. This came at a good time because the food supply was drying up. With the additional food and the replicators Bolarus’s animals were able to reproduce to sustainable levels again. This good fortune continued for the better part of a century.

However, with the arrival of the Dominion in 2373, Bolarus IX suddenly found itself a target. The planet’s underwater domes were all but destroyed, killing over 2 billion people. When the Dominion finally left, Bolarus was left in a state it had not been in for centuries. When Bajor’s application came in to the Federation council, the Bolian representative supported it due to the Bajorans' actions during the war.