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Survey Data
Star System:

Bolarus system


United Federation of Planets


Beta Quadrant



First Contact:

2252, USS Enterprise

Political Information

Federation Member


Bo'kitu, Bolarus IX

Political System:



21.4 million

Biological Information


Atmosphere type:


Development Stage:

Warp capable


Cheerful, Hardworking

Number of Eyes:


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The Bolians are a blue-skinned race from the planet Bolarus IX. They are a prominent member of the Federation.


Bolarus started out as a violent place to live, due to the lack of land for the amount of people that lived on the planet. Sometime around 1700-1800, a Bolian scientist created the first of the underwater domed cities. This allowed for people to live on the planet without fighting for living space, creating an environment conducive to a worldwide government, known as the Quorom of Bole. This body of government was made up of one representative from each province and they then voted on the best way to run the planet allowing for the oceans to be cleaned, more farmland to be developed, and also, for the first spaceflight. The first Bolians in space went to the closest of the moons, and reported back to their superiors that while the atmosphere was breathable, the CO2 levels were very high and the soil was not good for farming. Thus, a whole new program was started: terraforming the moons. It was soon found that two of them had no atmosphere but could be terraformed with a lot of effort. In 2091, the Bolians finally succeeded.

As of the mid-22nd Century, Bolarus had contact with the Ferengi, leaving them in fear of what lay beyond their homeworld and they decided to seek out new life themselves. In 2252, Bolians broke the warp barrier and attracting the attention of the USS Enterprise under the command of Captain Christopher Pike and the Bolian crew soon found that not everyone was like the Ferengi. The Bolians found the humans and Vulcans fascinating, just as the crew of the USS Enterprise were interested in the Bolians. Pike introduced a Bolian ambassador the United Federation of Planets headquarters on Earth, where an ambassador remained until Bolarus’s acceptance in 2287.

By the 2360s, there were many Bolians serving in Starfleet and a full time Bolian ambassador acting on behalf of the Federation.

First Contact

Bolians are Federation members and have been for over a century however, due to the problems with their First Contact with the Ferengi in 2245, they understandably had problems. The Ferengi stole slaves, food, gems, and other goods from Bolarus IX, leaving the Bolians in fear of what lay beyond the stars. When the Ferengi returned, they were immediately killed, setting the stage for Bolian contact with the Federation. Captain Christopher Pike and the crew of the Enterprise received an unwelcome reception when the away team beamed down in 2252. After a very rocky start, Pike and Lieutenant Spock were able to communicate what their intentions were.


Bolarus is a Republic, ruled by the Quoron of Bolarus. Members of this body do not choose to be elected but rather, they are chosen by the people of that province who think that person can best represent them. It is in fact illegal to nominate yourself for public office on Bolarus IX and such an offense will earn one 25 years in prison. This body is presided over by the Quo'Sharan who oversees drafting the laws and then coordinates the members voting them into law. The city and provinces have similar processes in their own governments. The prison system is the same as the rest of the Federation, sending criminals to penal colonies for rehabilitation. However, the courts are to enforce the laws as written and not rewrite the laws.


Bolians have skin that varies between bright blue and bluish grey, occasionally with darker stripes across the top of their heads. Bolians are also known for a ridge that runs down the middle of the head and neck and partway down the chest. Bolian males are always bald, whereas a few females have hair, but not many.

Bolian blood is cobalt based and as such is blue and can be used as a transfusion for Andorians, but is toxic to Vulcanoids. The pulse of a Bolian can be felt somewhere along the ridge of their head.

Bolians also have a unique digestive system and a lining of cartilage on their tongues, allowing them to consume food that is toxic to other humanoids.


Bolians are generally quite cheerful, though this is not a rule. They are hardworking and determined in their jobs and expect the same from their coworkers and take great pride in their work, whatever it may be.

Bolians have a medical philosophy of euthanasia, saying that this form of assisted suicide eased suffering that would otherwise continue until the patient died and thus eased their passing.

The courtship of Bolian individuals involved a man and a woman pressing foreheads together and touching the neck where one might check a human’s pulse and was seen as an act of trust. Bolian marriages often were made up of more than two people. Any additional spouse was referred to as “co-husband” or “co-wife”. This could continue until each person in the marriage had up to 4 spouses, although it was a rarity and most people stopped at two spouses per person. It was believed that it improved a child’s cognitive abilities if they were born near a warp core, compelling many families to leave their home system


Bolians believe in the former existence of a person whom they call the First Mother. Before her, the land was desolate and unforgiving and she willed it to change so she could give birth to the Bolian people. She became pregnant and gave birth to not one child, but ten and as they grew, she taught them to know right from wrong and how to live. She knew she would not always be there, so she did her best to guide her children. One of her sons made a joke that because there had been no one before her, she should be called the First Mother. Eventually, her children and grandchildren came to have such respect for her, that it was said with reverence. One of her sons made a crown for her with ten points and ten gemstones and thus, 10 is a lucky number in Bolian religion. The renown of this mortal woman has grown to the point where many Bolians consider her to be a goddess.


  • Bolian Souffle
  • Bolian Tomato Soup
  • Bolian Tonic Water

Science and Technology

Bolians are a member of the Federation and as such have full access to Federation technology. They are known, however, for their ability to build domed cities in environments that would otherwise be impossible to inhabit.