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Class M



  • Rea
  • Sura
Native Species:



15 Lyncis System, Alpha Quadrant



A mountain sunset on Cait
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Cait, also known as Ferasa to the natives, is a Federation member and the fourth planet in the 15 Lyncis System and is home to the Caitian people.


Cait's economy is ruled by banks used by non-Federation citizens and also mining and furniture making. Caitian banks are second only to the Bank of Bolarus in their security but nowhere near as widely known. They are top security banks which can be trusted by even criminals as long as their money is clean. This is not to say that the banks do not cooperate with the authorities; on the contrary they always attempt to walk a fine line between their customers' interests and the rule of law.

Mining is done in the asteroid field between the fifth and sixth planets in the system which is an abundant source of duranium, titanium, and most notably dilithium as well as other minerals. The full list of ores available in the asteroids is unknown at this time as more are being discovered every few months.

Caitians are also known for their wrought iron and wood furniture as the wood is constructed of a fragrant wood that insects naturally find repellant. This tree is found in nearly every ecosphere on the planet and is highly valued as the wood is used for a great many things including wood floors, buildings, and furniture.

Geographical Data

Cait's surface is 75% covered by clear, deep oceans that appear green both from space and on the surface. The landmass of the planet is almost completely forest, though areas of farmland and grassy plains have been cleared by Caitian and offworld famers. Deserts are more common than jungles in the tropical regions, changing from forest to dry savannah and finally to desert.

Several mountain ranges exist on each of the 7 continents away from the oceans. The highest peak is Rrorrow Mountain, at 16,700.5km (54,900ft) above sealevel.

Points of Interest

Rrorrow Mountain
Rrorrow Mountain is the highest mountain on the planet and, at 16,700.5m (54,900 ft) above sealevel is frequented by rock climbers and mountain climbers in attempts to test themselves against it. This has led to many injuries and a few deaths.

Mrowan City
Mrowan is the capital of the planet and is the home of the Cait Engineering Academy and the Science Academy of Cait, also known as the Caitian Science Academy. Both are not as prestigious as their counter parts, but are still good schools should a young person choose to attend. Mrowan has a festival every year for the birth of the Caitian race, with trials of strength and food and games. The festival continues for a full 12 days, the time during which the Caitian race was created.

Catitian Plants

  • Freor Tree (used for both flowers and wood)
  • Alaanr Lily
  • Trriel Orchid
  • Eraanil Rose


See also: Caitian History

Symbol of Cait

The Caitians believe that they were created by Mraown the Creator of All Things on the planet Cait. Much of their early history is unknown but what is known for certain is that the Caitian race nearly destroyed its world by fighting with tooth and claw in the early 20th century. It was out of this destruction that the Caitians learned that they must work together to reconstruct their world. They achieved it through teaching cooperation and loyalty above all to their children who passed it on to their children. Time has somewhat clouded memories, though loyalty to one's clan is still a strong motivating factor in daily Caitian life. Soon the Caitians were close to passing the warp barrier and landed on their two moons, Rea and Sura within five years of each other. During this five year period the Caitians created a unified government comprised of elders of members from each province. However, it was because of this war that one tribe was completely erradicated and because of this, it is now dishonorable to fight with ones teeth and claws instead of weapons.

Under this new government, the Caitian people thrived and landed on the fifth planet in their homesystem and began farming on this new planet while their own world was recovering from the radiation. Within 50 years, the Caitians had far more food than they could eat while looking to the stars and wondering who else Mraown had made. In 2172, the Caitians broke the warp barrier and met the crew of the USS Apollo, who were in need of food. The Caitians readily exchanged food for information about the galaxy and something they had never seen before: alcohol.

Twenty years later, a coup erupted on the planet from one of the tribes in an attempt to subjugate the others. As this was too much of a reminder of the Great War, the Caitian government and people defeated them quickly and exiled them until the time when every last person of that generation was dead and they have not yet returned.

In 2231 the Caitians became part of the Federation and took its place in its ranks of member worlds. Caitian employees became sought after as they had a reputation for cooperative and loyal workers.

During the Dominion War, the people of Cait were preparing for invasion due to the proximity of the occupied worlds of Betazed, Benzar and Bolarus IX. The representatives from Cait were some of the only ones who did not want to admit Bajor to the Federation at the end of the war.