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Enlisted Duty Uniform Marine Division
Officer's Duty Uniform Marine Division

310 - Infantryman
The basis for all other specialties in the Infantry branch (arguably for the entire SFMC). Although the traditional name of Infantryman is used, assignments to this MOS are not limited by sex. 310's receive extensive training in basic infantry tactics and skills including marksmanship, orienteering, light infantry weapons operation/maintenance, basic reconnoitering, etc.

Recommended Courses to Certify:

Marine Development College

School of Professional Development (PD):
PD-100 - Marine Basic Training
PD-120 - History of the SFMC
PD-205 - Marine Essential Tasks List

War College

School of Infantry (IN):
IN-100 - Introduction to the Branch
IN-120 - History and Traditions
IN-151 - Introduction to Light Infantry <OR> IN-152 - Introduction to Powered Infantry
IN-201 - Advanced Studies

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