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'Odyssey'-class Star Cruiser
Class Information



1062.0 meters


374.2 meters


148.3 meters


5,042,650 metric tons



Warp Rating
Cruising Speed:

8.1 (Post-2312 Scale)

Maximum Speed:

9.99 (Post-2312 Scale)

Total Compliment:










Auxiliary Craft
Tactical Systems

The *Odyssey* class vessel is a Federation *Star Cruiser* developed in the 25th century.

General Overview

The Odyssey Class is a Federation Dreadnought and Explorer and is one of the largest craft yet constructed by the Federation at nearly 1100 meters in Length. The purpose of the craft in it's inception was to produce a craft that could shoulder the burden of a new age of Exploration. To promote flexibility in mission profile the craft was designed to be largely modular in it's configuration, leading to four primary variants available at commission: Operations, Science, Tactical, and Marine. Each primary configuration boasts different instrumentation suites and internal modules best suited to it's primary mission profile.

Class History

The prototype USS Odyssey was launched in 2409 and taken on a trial cruise by one of Starfleet's leading Captains. Initially involving scanning a group of satellites before proceeding to a weapons test featuring derelict Borg craft used as target craft.

A Klingon dreadnought then arrived in Mars orbit. The Captain took the ship in pursuit and attacked the vessel, eventually inflicting enough damage to force them into retreat.

Starfleet began producing four variants of the class shortly afterwards.

As the newest, most advanced class in the fleet, it was fitting that the seventh iteration of the Starship Enterprise be one of them. The USS Enterprise-F was launched later in 2409 under the command of Captain Va'Kel Shon. The Enterprise's first mission was to lead Starfleet reinforcements to Deep Space 9 to aid in the starbase's recapture from Dominion forces under First Kar'ukan.

Technical Data

Physical Arrangement

The Odyssey-class featured the ability for saucer separation much like the Galaxy-class. The chevron-shaped saucer section could be separated from the stardrive section, allowing greater maneuverability to the stardrive section. The chevron section can be reattached to the stardrive section at any time. In addition, an Aquarius-class escort ship is docked to the rear of the ship's stardrive (roughly where the secondary shuttle bay would be located on a Sovereign-class), which can be deployed at will. It also carries six workbees in the main shuttlebay for field repairs.

The pinnacle of the Odyssey-class's technological achievement was the advanced quantum slipstream drive carried aboard all Odyssey-class vessels. The advanced quantum slipstream drive propelled the Odyssey-class to its fastest speed, transwarp 34.71+.

The bridge of the vessel is cavernous and features a viewscreen separate from the forward viewport, with crew stations in an oval around the chairs for the commanding and first officers. The captain's ready room is on the starboard side of the bridge, with a turbolift on the port wall and a dedicated transporter pad set into the aft wall. There is an observation deck by the forward viewport and a second, partial crew deck down a flight of stairs.

Deck Listing

Deck Description
1 Main Bridge
2 Outdoor Park, Forward Observation Lounge, Offices, Escape Pods
3 Outdoor Park, Crew Quarters
4 Crew Quarters, Escape Pods
5 Primary Computer Core, Crew Quarters, Cargo Bays, Escape Pods
6 Primary Computer Core, Crew Quarters, Cargo Bays
7 Primary Computer Core, Marine Quarters, Cargo Bays
8 Primary Computer Core, Life Support, Shuttlebay, Shuttlebay Control, Holodeck
9 Sickbay, Astrometrics, Diplomatic Suite, ShuttlebayChevron Warp Core, Chevron Deflector, Marine Quarters, Shuttlebay, Marine Armory, Life Support
10 Sickbay, Astrometrics, Diplomatic Suite, Shuttlebay
11 Shuttle Storage
12 Diplomatic Quarters
13 Diplomatic Quarters
14 Captain’s Yacht, Chevron Forward Torpedo Launcher, Chevron Sensor Array
15 Matter Injectors
16 Primary Warp Core, Primary Vessel Armory, Secondary Vessel Armory
17 Primary Warp Core
18 Primary Warp Core
19 Primary Warp Core
20 Primary Warp Core, Main Navigational Deflector, Deuterium Supply Tanks
21 Primary Warp Core, Main Navigational Deflector, Secondary Computer Core, Main Engineering, Primary Warp Core Reaction Chamber, Deuterium Supply Tanks, Escape Pods
22 Primary Warp Core, Main Navigational Deflector, Secondary Computer Core, Primary Scientific Labs, Primary Life Support, Waste Processing, Escape Pods
23 Primary Warp Core, Main Navigational Deflector, Secondary Computer Core, Quantum Slipstream Generator
24 Primary Warp Core, Main Navigational Deflector, Secondary Computer Core
25 Primary Warp Core, Main Navigational Deflector, Deflector Power Core
26 Primary Warp Core, Main Navigational Deflector, Deflector Power Core
27 Primary Warp Core, Tractor Beam Emitter
28 Antimatter Generator, Antimatter Injectors, Forward Torpedo Launcher
29 Antimatter Generator, Backup Power Generator
30 Antimatter Generator, Backup Power Generator, Antimatter Stores, Primary Warp Core Egress Hatch
31 Escape Pods

Class Variants

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