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Survey Data
Star System:



United Federation of Planets


Alpha Quadrant



First Contact:

2067, Unknown Vulcan Ship

Political Information

Federation Member


Mak'ala, Trill

Political System:


  • 16.2 Billian Human Trill
  • 12,000 Symbiotic Trill
Biological Information
  • Humanoid
  • Symbiotic
Atmosphere type:


Development Stage:

Warp capable


Peaceful, Secretive

Number of Eyes:


Empathic species:


Telepathic species:


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The word Trill refers to two species who are capable of sharing a symbiotic relationship with each other.


The Trill symbionts became noticed 10,000 years ago when a shaman wondered what they were. When he discovered that they could give enhanced good health, he began to put them in the people’s pouches. This was how it was discovered that the memories of one person carried over to the next host through the symbiont. Loved ones were not really gone. They could live forever through the memories of the symbionts. This gave birth to the Trill obsession with becoming joined. Over the next ten millennia, several joined hosts have caught the attention of the Trill government. They were called monsters as the host themselves was not dangerous and the symbionts were not dangerous on their own, but when joined they became murderers.

Trills broke the warp barrier in 2067. They became Federation members in the 2280s.

First Contact with Vulcans

The Trills were contacted by Vulcans in the mid 2100s. They found that they were not alone in the universe and wished to explore. However, they did not become members of the Federation until the 2280s.


The Trill Senate is held in the Trill Senate Tower and is headed by a chairman. Senators are elected by the people who then vote on laws which are in turn passed or vetoed by the President. The Trill Symbiosis Commission is the governmental body that exclusively deals with the Trill host/symbiont relationship. It is against the law for a Trill host to become reassociated with a former lover from a past life. Such a crime would mean excommunication from Trill for both host and symbiont, meaning that the sybmiont would die with its current host. The Trill Symbiosis Commission has 300 symbionts for joining each year and around 1000 applicants, half of which are capable of being joined.


Trills, both joined and unjoined, appear largely human except for dark spots that run on either side of the body from forehead to toes. They extend from the head down the neck, in front of the arms, down the sides of the torso, legs and feet. The pattern varies from person to person and men tend to have darker spots than women.

Trills are able to be joined with lifeforms called symbionts, which are 90% neural matter. It is a great honor to be joined, thus only the best are given the chance. One must accomplish things on their own first, to prove that they deserve it, such as science, art, ambassador, or something of similar note. Trill carry these life-forms in a pouch in the abdomen and are incapable of being separated from each other without death after 72 hours.


Trills are inquisitive and yet at the same time, secretive. They do not allow outsiders to know too much about the symbionts and for good reason. Protection of the symbionts is such that their entire culture has developed around the joining process. Most Trill apply to become initiates around age 18-22, though some Trills do not wish to apply. If chosen to become an initiate, one must undergo extremely thorough tests and screenings to make sure they are capable of being joined and that they are joined to the right symbiont. The Symbiosis Commission maintains that only 0.01% of the population is capable of becoming joined with a symbiont, though many in recent years have come to question this, stating that there is evidence that nearly 50% of the population might be able to join with a symbiont, though the Symbiosis Commission still maintains their lower figure and references it when explaining why there are so few candidates chosen for initiation.

In some Trill, the desire to become joined is so strong that they will resort to any means in order to obtain a symbiont, even if it risks the life of another.


Trills hold memories above all. The memories of a person is held in high regard, though not in a religious sense


The local tradespeak is Federation Standard. The native Trill tongue is easily picked up by universal translators.


  • Balso Tonic
  • Icoberry
    • Icoberry Juice
    • Icoberry Muffin
    • Icoberry Torte

Science and Technology

Trills were warp capable in the 21st Century. They created replicators, of a crude type, soon after. The Trill Science Institiute is a leading school of science and technology.


Starfleet is the military of the Federation.

The Trill Planetary Police are known for their fairness but also for their strictness.


A Trill symbiont

There are some 12,000 symbionts alive, some for breeding, some for joining and they appear as slugs with tails. They swim through the waters of Mak’ala, and are placed in the pouch of a Trill humanoid unless they are too large to do so. When they grow to that size, they are placed into the pools for breeding. When in the caves, they communicate with each other and with Trill humanoids through electrical discharges. When they are joined, they become one person with the host. The character of the symbionts varies from individual to individual. They start out as curious, however, the more hosts a symbiont has, more the hosts influence the symbiont’s personality. Because no two people are ever exactly alike, every symbiont is completely different, such as the Dax symbiont having very orderly thoughts and the Enor symbiont being very creative and free thinking.

One ritual of joined Trills is called the zhin’tara, where a joined Trill meets its past hosts. A guardian from the Caves of Mak’ala assists in the ceremony, whereby the memories and personalities of the past hosts are passed one at a time to friends or family of the current host.

Canon symbionts include:

  • Dax
  • Kahn
  • Gart
  • Odan
  • Peers

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