Delta IV

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Delta IV

Class O



  • Seyann
  • Cinera
  • Starbase Delta
Native Species:

Delta Triciatu System, Alpha Quadrant



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Delta IV, or Dhei, is the fourth planet in the Delta Triciatu system, or the Lta system, and home to the Deltan people. It has two moons, Seyann and Cinera, and a starbase in orbit which is what visitors to the planet usually visit instead of the planet itself due to the Deltan people's pheromones. It is a Starfleet run facility with a large number of Deltans aboard but other species as well, diluting the amount of psychological trauma offworlders would endure. For this reason, visitors are restricted to the moon Seyann and Starbase Delta.


Even before outside contact, Delta IV was a very cosmopolitan world, its inhabitants obsessed with clothes, fashion and shopping. Some of the best fashion designers are Deltan as well as a lot of interior designers and other aesthetic professionals, though many Deltan artists attend the Betazed Art Academy or the Andorian Art Institute. However, the Delta University of Design is one of the better academies for design-oriented careers such as interiors, clothes, and furniture.

In combination with the DUD, normally made fun of by offworlders, fashion design and manufacturing employs some 36% of the Deltan people. All Deltans have a innate love of clothing and shopping, whether male or female, and a love of beauty in the humanoid form. This lends itself to the Deltan designers wishing to compliment and beautify all body shapes and sizes instead of going for more and more skin. Color is used wisely, as are patterns and neutrals. Fashion and hair stylists make up another 11% of the professionals in Deltan society, with another 31% in the furniture industry, importing woods from all over the Federation and creating fabrics and wrought iron and brass for bedsteads and candelabras.

As Deltans prefer to live close together out of habit, their cities are famous for music clubs, restaurants, debating halls, and so on for people to meet and talk.

Geographical Data

Emblem of the Deltan People

Delta IV is a very watery world (Class-O) and has mostly archipelagos for land masses. Very little land is found on Delta IV, and in fact more Deltans live on Cinera than live on the actual planet, hence why visitors are forbidden from going to that moon. Both moons are Class-M bodies and fully capable of sustaining life, though fewer natives live on Seyann than Cinera. On all three celestial bodies the water is a blue-green and clear and the skies are a light, translucent blue with slightly yellow clouds. When it is going to rain, the clouds turn more yellow, though this is similar to the grey or purple on Earth and the pink on Betazed.

Points of Interest

Delta University of Design

The Delta University of Design is a university on Delta IV that specializes in design majors such as fashion design, furniture design, hair styles or interior design. It is not the best, but it is the one Deltans routinely attend as it is on their homeworld and a few offworlders attend it by holodeck classrooms.


Main Article: Deltan History
Delta IV was defined in the distant past by microcultures that never quite developed xenophobia of each other. Stranded sailors were often adopted into the culture of the island they landed on, leading to understanding of each other. With the ties of sex and geography binding them together, they coexisted through necessity. Bountiful natural resources and low birthrates meant wars over resources were almost unknown on Delta IV.

It wasn't until 2141 that the Deltan people began to be curious about other planets and races, not knowing that they had even existed in the first place. In 2223, the Deltan government ordered their engineers to create a warp-capable ship. However, problems were discovered with the Deltans' pheromones and other races, so to avoid trauma to others, aliens were banned from coming to the planet for their own protection. They were, however, allowed to go to Seyann, the moon.

In 2223, the same year that they achieved warp drive, Delta IV was invited to join the Federation, which they accepted. Soon the Deltan military was absorbed into Starfleet and a starbase was built in orbit of Delta IV, to be christened Starbase Delta.

Delta IV was one of the planets targets by the Cardassians and the Dominion and were liberated a year later by the Seventh Fleet. In 2375, after the Dominion War had ended, Delta IV was one of the members of the Federation Council who supported the admittance of Bajor into the Federation, but they also objected to any and all aid given to the Cardassians.