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Crest of the United Federation of Planets
United Federation of Planets
Basic Information

2161 CE (United Earth, Vulcan, Andorian Empire, Tellar Prime)

Warp Capable:
  • Humans - 2063 CE
  • Vulcans - Around 300 CE
  • Tellarites - 1952 CE
  • Andorians - 1932 CE
Major Species:
Official Language:

Federation Standard (English)

Official Currency:

Federation Credit

Political Information

Federal Republic

Head of State:

President of the United Federation of Planets


Federation Council


Federation Supreme Court

Military Branches:
Intelligence Service:

Starfleet Intelligence

Flag of the United Federation of Planets

The United Federation of Planets (often abbreviated as UFP and commonly referred to as the Federation) is an interstellar federal republic, composed of planetary governments that have agreed to exist semi-autonomously under a single central government based on the principles of universal liberty, rights, and equality. Unlike many other powers in the region, the members of the Federation each share their knowledge and resources in peaceful cooperation and space exploration.

The Federation is one of the most powerful interstellar states in known space and encompasses the largest region of space when compared with its rivals, with over 150 member worlds. Unlike its imperial rivals, who derive power from a single species subjugating other races, the Federation's various member worlds join willingly and are equals in the Federation's democratic society. Starfleet was incorporated at the very birth of the Federation as a peace-keeping and humanitarian armada, in addition to maintaining exploratory, scientific, diplomatic, and defence functions.


Coalition of Planets

The seeds for the Coalition of Planets were planted during the Romulan conflict in 2151 while Earth, Andorian, Vulcan, and Tellarite ships were searching for a Romulan Drone ship. Initial talks for its founding took place in San Francisco among representatives from Earth, Andoria, Vulcan, Tellar Prime, Denobula, Rigel, and Coridan and was organized by United Earth Minister Nathan Samuels one year later. A terrorist organization known as Terra Prime attempted to destroy Starfleet Headquarters due to their hatred for non-humans but were thwarted in the attempt though its creation of a Vulcan/Human hybrid caused anger among Earth citizens and demonstrations outside the Vulcan embassy and the Andorian embassy. The child, the cloned daughter of Charles Tucker III and T'Pol of Vulcan, died though the ambassadors began to work harder than ever on the alliance which strengthened and became more structured until 2161 when the Coalition became the Federation.

23rd Century

The Federation was a very peaceful organization, allowing more and more worlds into its ranks though its neighbors were not quite as peaceful. The Klingon and Romulan Empires were belligerent towards the Federation and sought to conquer it. The conflict with the Klingon Empire came to a head in 2267 when it was halted by the Organians who forced both sides into a more peaceable agreement. At the end of the 23rd century the Klingons destroyed their moon, Praxis, by attempting to recreate the Genesis device. They came to the Federation for help and peace came with the Khitomer Conference of 2293 which saw the signing of the first Khitomer Accords which ended hositlies.

24th Century

Editor's Note: After the Dominion War, this section was altered by Pegasus Fleet

During the beginning of the 24th century, the Federation began a long and exciting period of exploration throughout the galaxy, without major battles as it was now at peace with the Klingon Empire. However, feelings towards the Romulans remained at a 'cold war' level, keeping this tension well into the mid-24th century. In the 2340s, the Federation had first contact with the Cardassians and the Talarians, both of whom were extremely militaristic. The Border Wars started in the 2350s with the Cardassians, continuing until both sides realized that they would annihilate themselves in an effort to conquer the other. The result was the Demilitarized Zone in the 2360s, where several Federation colonies were given to the Cardassians and Cardassian colonies were given to the Federation.

In 2365, the Federation met its worst enemy in the Delta Quadrant race, the Borg. The Borg were a devastating force and invaded the Federation twice in the same 10 year period. As the Federation had never encountered anything like them, they only persevered through resourcefulness and chance. This led to the Federation creating the [[:Category:Defiant Class {{{2}}} | Defiant-class {{{2}}}]] of vessels, specifically designed to fight this menace.

In 2370, contact was made with the Dominion, a powerful empire in the Gamma Quadrant. Tensions worried Starfleet Headquarters while tensions mounted between the Cardassians and Klingons, who were convinced that the ruling council of the Cardassian Union was replaced by Founders from the Dominion. Fighting broke out between the Cardassians and the Federation on one side and the Klingons on the other. Eventually, due to their losses and their desire for power, the Cardassian Union became part of the Dominion, causing the bloodiest conflict in Federation history.
See more: Dominion War.

This conflict allowed the Federation to establish friendlier and stronger alliances with its neighbors, most notably the Romulans. In 2379 the USS Enterprise-E helped certain Romulan commanders defeat the Romulan Praetor Shinzon, a clone of Captain Jean-Luc Picard who, if successful, would have destroyed Earth and the Romulan Star Empire. This marked the beginning of a new friendship between the Federation and the Romulans.

In 2380, after recovering from the Dominion War, Starfleet was finally able to explore once again, reaching out into the hitherto unknown Delta Quadrant and the Galactic South. The 11th "Pegasus" Fleet was sent to the Galactic South, its base of operations on Cestus III while the 7th Fleet was based at Deep Space 5 in the north of the Beta Quadrant. While their sister fleets were helping with clean up efforts from the Dominion War and the Shinzon Incident, the two fleets pushed outward, expanding the Federation's territory, while at the same time ensuring the safety of those who live in their respective areas.

After its admission in 2377, Bajor had become a very important member of the Federation and was now regarded as the most vocal for assistance for outside powers though the Bajoran representatives had very little patience for Cardassians. By 2383, the Bajoran militia was completely absorbed into Starfleet apart from the section needed for policing the planet, giving a boost to Starfleet's depleted manpower.

In 2387, the 11th Fleet was officially placed under the command of Admiral Roman Sanchez.


Editor's Note: This section has been altered by Pegasus Fleet in that the duties of each branch have been established by this fleet as well as the checks and balances system.

The Federation is a representative republic separated into three branches: an executive branch, a legislature, and a judiciary branch. If one branch is acting unlawfully, it is the responsibility of the other branches to act.

Office of the President

The President and the Vice President of the Federation are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Federation and are democratically elected from among the people of the Federation. The Federation President is the head of state, chief executive officer of the government and supreme commander of the Federation's military forces. His office is located in the Earth city of Paris on the European continent.

The Vice President is the assistant to the Federation President and is the person who will take over if something were to happen to the Federation President, such as illness, kidnapping, or death.

Executive Agencies

  • Archaeological Committee
  • Astronomical Committee
  • Bureau of Agricultural Affairs
  • Bureau of Industrialization
  • Bureau of Planetary Treaties
  • Central Bureau of Penology
  • Department of Cartography
  • Department of Temporal Investigations
  • Earth Broadcasting Company
  • Federation Naval Patrol
  • Federation News Network
  • Federation News Service
  • Federation Science Council
  • Federation Science Bureau
  • Galactic Anthropology Committee
  • Starfleet
  • Starfleet Marine Corps
  • Terraform Command
  • United Earth Space Probe Agency

The Legislature

The Federation Council is the single legislative body of the Federation and is made up of representatives from the member worlds to create, amend, and ratify Federation law. The Federation Council also greatly influences Starfleet and its mission. At times of court-martial the Federation Council will act as a judiciary body and at times issued orders to Starfleet. Hand-in-hand with the Federation President, the Council makes Federation Policy and its meeting chamber is in the Earth city of San Francisco on the west coast of the North American continent.

The Judiciary Branch

The Judiciary is responsible for resolving legal disputes. The court system is based off that of the former United States, where the accused is innocent until proven guilty. Panels of Federation citizens called juries listen while two lawyers present their cases to either defend the accused's innocence or to contest it. It is then up to the jury to decide whether they are innocent or guilty. A unanimous vote is the only one that can convict a defendant. The person presiding over the trial is an elected judge who has studied the laws and has been elected by the people to be fair to all parties in the court room and keeps control during the trial.

This court room dynamic is carried from small courts in the cities, to the counties, and finally to the provinces until it reaches the planetary councils. Then the planetary councils differ from planet to planet as the laws on each planet differ. Finally, the Federation Supreme Court is at the apex of the judiciary branch and is the final chance for those wishing to appeal. If the defendant or plaintiff is unable to make their case at this level, they are finally defeated.


Main article: Starfleet

Starfleet is the main defense force of the Federation, though that is not its primary purpose. Its main purpose is to explore and expand the Federation's knowledge of science and technology and it also plays a significant diplomatic role in the quadrant. Starfleet diplomats are highly sought after by many species as their preferred negotiators.


By the 2100s, money was no longer the driving force in humanity's lives, being replaced by the New World Economy. Material needs were no longer necessary and obsessed with, effectively eliminating hunger and the need for possessions. The need to improve oneself and all of humanity became the new driving force behind working. Though most things were provided by the Federation, such as replicators and housing, some luxury items could be bought using the Federation credit, such as jewelry or art. This is not to say the Federation credit was accepted everywhere, as Ferengi and others did not accept anything less than gold pressed latinum.


The Federation has numerous classes of starships, armed well with phasers, photon and quantum torpedoes and deflector shields and was also the first to implement metaphasic shields into its ships. Federation starships come in a wide array of designs from the small but powerful [[:Category:Defiant Class {{{2}}} | Defiant-class {{{2}}}]] warship to the larger [[:Category:Galaxy Class {{{2}}} | Galaxy-class {{{2}}}]] explorer.

All Federation homes and Starfleet installations are equipped with replicators that are able to make any type of food or drink that one desires, though fresh food is preferable due to the metallic aftertaste in that produced by the replicators. These replicators are also capable of being adapted for industry and replicating plastic, cloth, rubber and other materials. However, they are not capable of recreating dilithium and the Federation is in constant search of new dilithium deposits.

Certain Federation members are also gifted with engineering and terraforming endeavors, namely the Tellarites and Bolians among others.

Territorial Claims

The Federation is spread out over 8,000 lightyears from the Demilitarized Zone with the Cardassian Union in the Alpha Quadrant to the Neutral Zone with the Romulan Star Empire and the Klingon Empire in the Beta Quadrant. North to South, it stretches from Deep Space 5 and the Typhon expanse to the 11th Fleet patrol zone. It covers 1,000 planets and has a total number of 150 member worlds. Unlike its rivals who are singular races subjagating others, the Federation's members joined of their own free will and are equal in the Federation's republic society.


The two ways for admittance into the Federation are either by invitation or successful petition of a world or civilization that wants to join. In the case of a petition, membership is granted upon completion of certain requirements. First the government of the prospective member must submit an official petition to the Federation Council with its desire to join. Upon the completion of this part of the process, a lengthy investigation of the applicants' culture follows. This part of the process could take several years and is required to see if the culture shares the values of the Federation: benevolence, peaceful coexistence and cooperation, the rule of law and equal rights and justice. The society must also have advanced technology and the baseline for this is the capability of warp travel. The government of said society must also be a stable planetary unity, respecting the rights of the individual.

Mentioned Federation Members


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