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Survey Data
Star System:



Near Tholian Assembly


Alpha Quadrant



First Contact:

2258 (Unknown Vessel)

Political Information



Jenev II

Political System:

Patriarchal Parliamentary

Biological Information


Atmosphere type:


Development Stage:

Warp Capable (2236)



Number of Eyes:


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Jenefrans are slender humanoids with short, coarse fur covering their bodies with blond or light brown hair and prehensile tails. The fur is usually yellow or orange with black or brown stripes or spots, although black or white is not unheard of. Males grow to around 5’10 to 6’4 while females grow to around 5’6 to 5’10. Their ears are pointed, remnants from their days as quadruped cats, and the barest trace of whiskers remain on their upper lips. Their lips are black and their canine teeth are sharpened to points, since they eat mostly meat and fruit. Their fingers have retractable claws which can prove quite deadly if used correctly and their eyes are blue, green, or gold with cat-like slits for pupils.


Jenev II is in fact a colony of a failed homeworld three sectors deep in what is now the Tholian Assembly. The original homeworld was polluted beyond repair, and ten ships set out into the darkness of space 3,000 years ago to make a new home. Unfortunately, four of the ships were destroyed in an ion storm, while three more were never found, not even the wreckage. The Kavir, as they were called then, never found out what became of their brethren, or if they even survived. Arriving at the new planet, which they named Jenev or Hope, they settled down to tame the planet. They found the planet had many things to offer: it had it’s own type of sugar cane and cocoa bean, perfect for making a chocolate confection they call hriv. They discovered that their grains grew readily, and that while most of the fruit they brought with them didn’t take to the new planet, there were many bountiful fruit trees and bushes that produced food in such quantity, they would never go hungry. Game animals were also very abundant. Huge wolves stalked the plains, waiting for an opening with the Jenefrans’ herds. It was here that warriors started to become valued. It became a test of skill to kill one of the wolves with only one’s hands

Thus the world of Jenefra began. Records from this time period and the homeworld are surprisingly well-kept, as historians are as valued as warriors. These records indicate that artificial insemination was used to impregnate the women so the population could be boosted in a shorter time, thus leading to double and triple births. It continued this way until the population reached 100,000 and the people began to relax, having normal families again, around 4 to 6 children. The population increased until it continued to reach today’s population of 4,000,000 people.

The time from the landing of the ships 3,000 years ago to 1,500 years ago was a trying time. Two factions were fighting for control of the world: those that wanted technology and those that didn’t. Around 1,500 years ago King Hraanr suggested that those who hated technology should go to live in the wild. The leader of the group yelled at Hraanr, and turned around and left with the group that day into the jungles. Nothing has been heard from this group since. There are rumors that they are still alive, but nothing more

Around 200 years ago began the Jenefran Golden Age with the Haas Dynasty. Their art is starting to progress, their medicine, their technology, their poetry, writings, and other areas of intellect. It has continued into King Sereliv’s reign, which began 3 years ago.

External Contact

They were contacted 160 years ago, and have flourished ever since. First contact was rough at first, as the first contact was a shuttle crashed into a man's house. The man yelled and chased the human with a gardening instrument similar to a pitchfork until the man came to the First City and asked for help. Once he understood why the man was so upset, he gave the man some latinum he could use to rebuild his house, as ordered by the courts.

The Jenefrans were curious about the human, and wondered why he had no fur or tail. They were as much a curiosity to him as he was to them. When the man was finally rescued, Starfleet Diplomatic Corps sent Ambassador T’Ress to make contact with the new people, but they have no plans as of yet to enter the Federation.

Planetary Information

Jenev II has two moons: Palu and Nira. There is a story about the two moons, concerning a pair of lovers. There is a trading outpost on the planet for furs and gems. Jewelers from the Federation and other powers prefer Jenefran gems over others because of their color and quality. The furs are preferred by clothing manufacturers because of the softness and luxuriousness of the fur and because of the different colors and patterns they come in. A Federation outpost satellite is being built above the planet as a relay station for subspace traffic.

From space, Jenev II looks similar to Bajor: tropical forests and plains next to green oceans. Jenev II has three continents and a number of small islands, and about 80% of the planet is covered in water. The climate for the most part is tropical or comparative in temperature. Very little cold weather is known on the planet save for the poles. Deserts are uncommon, but not unheard of, and mountains rise in the distant view of the Grand Palace.



The Jenefran native tongue is similar to Caitian with trilling notes throughout it. The local tradespeak, however, is closer to Caitian because of offworld visitors that have come through before, making it easier for foreigners to understand the local tradespeople.


The government is run similar to Betazed, save that it is patriarchal. Royal Family is first in line for the crown, with other nobles beneath them. The Jenefran Council is made up of 25 members, a Prime Minister and two from each province: a noble that is born to his role and a commoner that is voted into it. Together, the Nobles and Commons vote on the issues of the day, to be brought before the King for approval or denial. If the King denies it, the Council may try to pass it on their own with a unanimous vote.

The judicial system is similar to others in practice if a bit different in punishment. The accused are innocent until proven guilty and may be granted a chance to prove their innocence in a trial by a jury of their peers. If they are found guilty, they have one chance at an appeal before sentence is carried out. Those who committed capital crimes were cast out of the community since no one wants them around, thus cutting out the need for prisons. The law also states that the courts may not be used to change the law.

Science and Technology

The Jenefrans were warp capable 3,000 years ago, and regained that ability 200 years ago. Their preferred weapon in their military is a type of three pronged spear that is used to slice open the enemy with a twist, breaking sinew and bone at once. They use a type of disruptor similar to the Varon-T model, which disintegrates slowly and painfully at a molecular level.

The Jenefrans have ground-based shields, which can shield anything from a single building to entire city. The shields have regenerative capabilities similar to the Borg based on a rotating modulation, which are also present in the shipboard shields. The ship disruptors are similar to Romulans or Klingons, but less advanced.

Their vessels use a matter/antimatter warp system and the ships use an integrated bioneural circuitry which is used in conjunction with the Jenefrans’ telepathy, directly sending signals into their brains and reacting, thus allowing faster reaction times. As such, Jenefrans in the Merchant Corps or the Grand Navy must have a very highly developed sense of telepathy.


The Jenefrans have no gods, per se, but rather believe in the existence of spirits. They believe that when you die, you never really leave the ones you love as long as they remember you, that your spirit can go to the Summer Fields or can remain with your loved ones until they no longer need you. Spirits who choose the second method are said to be able to move objects and influence certain Jenefrans through their telepathy. Some say that the Demon Days at the end of the year have some strange occurrences throughout the four-day celebration.


The Planetary Police: The Planetary Police are a group of men and women that patrol the cities and come out to the countryside to make sure that everyone is following the laws. The laws are simple in that no one is allowed to harm another. If someone is reported, they are accosted and sent to a local jail to await trial. If the Police witness it, the trial is much speedier and more predetermined in the outcome. The ranks are as follows:

  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Sergeant
  • Trooper

The Grand Navy: The Grand Navy is the space arm of the Jenefran military. The ships are the most advanced in the Jenefran airspace and their pilots have remarkable reflexes due to the bioneural interaction with the ships. Jenefran pilots are some of the best in the region because of this enhanced ability to communicate with their ships. The JGN is used mainly for defense of the planet, so in the aftermath of the Dominion War they have a sizeable fleet. Their officer ranks and some of their enlisted are as follows:

  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Subcommander
  • Centurion
  • Lieutenant
  • Sublieutenant
  • Ruulin
  • Senior Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Hviss