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A female Mousian
Survey Data

Galactic South


Alpha Quadrant

First Contact:

Pre 2360

Political Information


Biological Information

Humanoid Mouse

Atmosphere type:


Development Stage:

Warp capable



Number of Eyes:


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Mousians developed slowly as any species going through their stages of advancements and setbacks. They would've on their own found their way into space, except their course in the natural evolution was interrupted by visitors from space to come and trade with them for goods that other worlds were in demand for. This was lost in the course of the Mousian Histories which led to some great debates amongst the scholars.

Thus the sudden jump in technology which they had to learn quickly along with the advance math and science that went with it. Also the responsibility to wield that technology in a more productive manner as they dealt with the more unscrupulous of their societies.

This were the course of development split into two factions. Those that went into space, progressed faster than those that stayed planet bound. As they (planet bound) turned to more environment conscientious ways of preserving their worlds into a more harmonious life style with their world in preserving it and helping to keep it productive without effecting it to much with strict enforcement of preserving it as well gaining the wealth of what their world had to offer towards being very productive in maintaining a balance to keep their worlds young and productive for a very long time. Also in medical advances to treat both nature and themselves to maintain a very healthy lives.

Those that went to space formed big clanships with their own defence forces and left in the knowledge of technology and all the necessary skills to be able to compete for trade while protecting their interest in the skills and art of war. They will unite to protect the region where the Mousians are dominant and each other if the needs arises.

Each Clanship can operate independently with their own defensive forces with a well kept fleet of small assault crafts ranging in size from Defiant size being the largest. Clanship are often mistaken for large starbases ranging from fifty kilometers to hundred kilometers in size. Most operate independently, but a gathering of these big clanships can present a very intimating presence. Spacefaring Mousians that live on these ship is a permanent arrangement, even though they will visit various planets in their travels. While majority will never in their lifetime ever set foot/paw on a planet.

When a Mousian Dominant world is threatened, Clanships will make every effort to show up in defence of that world or hunt down the miscreants that invaded a Mousian world


Bipedal Mouses with human torsos of both genders. Their entire body is covered with a light layer of fur with it being darker on the back, fading towards the front to a lighter color. Hands are three fingered with an opposable thumb and feet closely resemble that of a human. They have slender tails up to three to four feet long, with leathery skin or a very light soft fur on them. The adults reach to an average height of 5'7" for the males and females are slightly smaller ranging from 5' to 5'5".


Mousian were being encountered by Intel at first in the criminal driven societies and at random through out Federation Space on chance encounters on Fleet controlled Starbases as Mousian traveled through the area, needing new starcharts and other important information.

The first prominent date would be around stardate 2360, when the first of the Mousians actually attended Starfleet Academy. Those were either rescued from forced servitude that shown promise of advancement and didn't know of their homeworld.