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Very little is known about the Myaz Sovereignty and their customs or culture. Their space is vast but, according to long range scans, comprises mostly of asteroid belts, uninhabitable planetoids and other bodies that most cultures would not consider worth having as part of their protected space.

This seems to imply that the Myaz are a people who crave land but have neither the means nor temperament to conquer. However, a number of recent surveys have suggested that a number of planets in the system have changed in class to that more useful to life.

11th Fleet Science has suggested that the Myaz may be developing advanced terraforming techniques and should be the subject of closer examination by any ships in the area.

Contact has been made with the Myaz Sovereignty on only one occasion. A Federation vessel, USS Seraphim encountered a scout ship in 2269 who were polite and dignified in their conversation but offered little to no information on the people.