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Survey Data
Star System:



Near Klingon Border


Beta Quadrant



First Contact:

2368 (Unknown Vessel)

Political Information


Political System:


Biological Information



Peaceful, Academic

Number of Eyes:


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Negarians look almost human except for their eyes, which do not have whites, but rather the entire thing is colored. So if the person has green eyes, the entire eye is green with a pupil. There are four eye colors for Negarians: Black is dominant, while green is recessive, gold is uncommon and red is rare. Negarians tend to be more muscular than most humanoids and also have black or brown hair with tan skin, dark skin not unheard of. Their height is comparable to humans, 5’6 to 5’8 being average for females while males tend to be around 5’10 to 6’0. Taller is not unheard of, but it is uncommon for a Negarian male to reach 6’6.


20,000 years ago, the Negarians were a violent race, making war on each other and on their planet in order to make further war on each other. Then, 26,000 years ago, their scientists told them they had to stop fighting or they would all be dead inside 100 years. The Negarians had no choice: they had to work together. The nation states elected leaders from among themselves to be head of the new world sovereignty and the world of Negar was born.

They spent the next 1,500 years rebuilding. They worked on making their buildings stronger, making sure they were perfectly in place mathematically and geometrically. The old enemies tried to stay enemies, but it was much harder to remain enemies when you were dependent on each other for survival. When the planet was finally free of pollution, the people had grown used to peace.

Not much is known of the following decades, wherein the type and shape of the Negarian government took place, but what is known is that they kept careful records of their world’s history.

The Negarians loved philosophy, mathematics, art, poetry, music, and literature, but above all else, history. If nothing else, the Negarians were historians. Their histories have moved from stone to a papyrus like substance and eventually to computers, which are watched over by the most accomplished historians.

During the following 5,000 years, in a golden age, their art, science, music, philosophy, and math excelled, the records being kept intact at all times. The people of Negar thrived, taking care of the hungry and homeless.

It did not last as the then-current dynasty became corrupt. Finally, after many generations of cruel and corrupt leaders, the Negarian nobles ousted the royal family and put a new group of people in their place.

It was a difficult time, but a defining one as the Negarian race proved they were dedicated to peace rather than power. Two generations later around 8,000 years ago, around the Negarians underwent a Great Civil War. The factions loyal to the previous royal family began to attack the new royals. The War lasted 50 years and left Negar in ruins. Everything except the historical records and everything contained therein.

They spent the next 4,000 years rebuilding and replacing what was lost, and trying to scrounge enough resources to build enough structures to house the populace. It was a trying time, and trying to replace the resources of iron and wood were next to impossible. It soon became a crime to cut down a tree, for the deforestation. Trees were bred out of necessity and soon someone came up with a marvelous new invention: the replicator. Because of the replicator the work went ten times as fast if not faster and soon people no longer needed to work because everything they needed was handed to them by the replicators.

So they stagnated and decayed, making little progress, until about 1000 years ago when the Hroani met them. They were conquerors and all but destroyed Negar for a third time because the Negarians were now peaceloving and were not fighters.

The Negarians learned not only that they must fight under certain circumstances, but also that they were not alone and that not all peoples ‘out there’ were friendly. Therefore they began to rebuild a third time. Their replicator technology was second to none and tasted as good as the real thing with no metallic aftertaste. They also learned about medicine. Medicine seemed to be in high need now as the Hroani had brought with them several new diseases to which the Negarians had no defense. Therefore their medicine became as developed as their record keeping.

Thus, in the next 1000 years they tried to rebuild, and progress, until 200 years ago they had their first warp flight. By now their medicine had progressed to be better than the Federation’s is today and far beyond that of the Klingons and Romulans. They have cured arthritis, and senility. They have also found that infertile couples want to have children, and it is possible with a donor egg/sperm and possibly a donor womb.

Their other areas of progress (weapons, ships, defense, etc) have not progressed as much as their medical areas, but there are signs of that coming.

External Contact

First contact was made 20 years ago, under perfect circumstances, but it did not go perfectly due to the Negarians’ previous experience with outsiders. Eventually, the Federation made enough progress with them to tell them that they were not hostile, but that others were. Eventually contact became peaceful and they became friendly if not friends.

Planetary Information

Negar III appears as a system of islands with two continents. 69 % of the planet is covered in blue oceans that are kept free of pollution. The air is not smoggy or contaminated and the ground has not been polluted in over 12,000 years. The buildings are geometrically and mathematically perfect, making them some of the best builders in the quadrant.



The Negarian language is tricky as the Negarians use both their voices and their bodies to speak. They use their bodies change colors instead of voice inflection because their vocal chords are incapable of the sounds needed for questions versus statements or exclamations. The words themselves are similar to French or Portuguese with hints of Betazoid conjugation.


Monarchy, similar to Betazed. The women inherit the titles and land, but the men inherit the seats in their Parliament. Two houses are set up, a House of Nobles and a House of Commons. The House of Commons drafts the laws, the House of Nobles votes on them, and the Queen (by blood) has the final say. She can veto or approve the law as she sees fit, but if it is to pass without her, both Houses must have a unanimous vote to pass the law.

The current ruler must be the ruler by blood. If the Queen has a daughter, the daughter is the next ruler, even if there are sons. However, if the Queen has only sons, the eldest will be king and his wife will be a duchess, not queen. If he should have daughters and sons, the crown will go to his eldest daughter.

Science and Technology

The Negarians use a beta-transmission subspace technology to communicate with each other. However, although their ships use a matter/antimatter warp core that is more stable than that of the Federation most areas of their ships are far less advanced. Their ship gravity always has one spot where it is faulty, usually in the outer reaches of the ship. The rest of the ships are similar to the major powers in the 2360s, particularly in their weapons areas. Because of this, they are at a disadvantage when it concerns war. Their replicator technology is very good, but their computers themselves, although stockpiled with lots of information on their world's history, are twenty years behind the major powers in terms of development.

They have cured Forrester Trent Syndrome, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and others with their doctors. The Negarians have also found a way to allow infertile couples to have children together by way of donor sperm/eggs and wombs. However, it also allows two men or two women to have children together, although it is not exactly encouraged, but not illegal.

Their main weapons are small hand phasers or phasers onboard ships. While they have defensive shielding, it is limited and not as advanced as the major powers.

However, onplanet the Negarians have no equal when it comes to building.


The Negarians do not have any one religion, but have learned not to fight over it.

Hunda: The Hunda religion believes in four different gods that each have a specific purpose and must be satisfied with offerings, mainly burnt food offerings. Part of each meal is burnt as a sacrifice to the gods, in return for their favor.

Hyindai: The Hyinda was a man sent to die for the sins of Negariankind. Hyindaii believe that who believes in him, and prays through him, may go through the gates to eternal life.

Jirdea: Akin to Wicca on Earth and other Nature religions, it is the main religion of doctors and healers, as Negarians use herbs in their medicine, like Native Americans would use the bark of the willow tree in a tea to relieve pain, but in a more advanced way. They believe that one must make peace with the planet in order to keep peace with each other, that in order to be a good citizen and good friend, you must first be a good person, much like the Terran notion of karma. However, one difference is that Jirdeaii may use potions against their enemies and it is unknown how it works.


The Negarian Royal Navy has become the space fleet for Negar III. The officers and enlisted of the Royal Navy have become good soldiers, but are far from keeping Negar III safe from more advanced species like the Dominion, the Klingons, or the Tholians. They are, however, starting to work on defense.


Negarian Royal Navy:

  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Subcommander
  • Lieutenant
  • Sublieutenant
  • Ensign

Known Enlisted:

  • Riklin
  • Junai

OOC Information for COs

The Hroani are actually the Hur'q. The word hur'q is the Klingon word for outsider and the word hroani is the Negarian word for alien