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A bald Nevarran's head
Survey Data
Star System:

Nevarra system


Nevarra Cluster


Alpha Quadrant



First Contact:

2387, USS Machito

Political Information



Nevarra Prime

Political System:



37 billion

Biological Information


Atmosphere type:


Development Stage:

Warp capable


Peaceful, Isolationist

Number of Eyes:


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The Nevarrans (pronounced nev-arr-ans) are a race who occupy an unusual region of space; a star cluster which contains within a very small area a large number of inhabitable systems

Location of the Nevarran Cluster in relation to Cestus.


Contact with the Federation

The Nevarrans were first contacted by the Federation in 2387, by the starship Machito. The first meeting between the two was cordial, if initially reluctant on the Nevarran side, though it did over the course of the year lead to the beginnings of negotiations between the Federation and the Nevarran Kingdom for a lasting trade agreement. These negotiations were to be concluded on the first ever visit by a Federation vessel to the Nevarran homeworld when the USS Endeavour carried two Federation diplomats there to conclude the negotiations, and sign the treaty.

Whilst present in the Nevarran system, the crew of the Endeavour were offered the opportunity to explore as much as they wished, and were offered guided tours of many locations in the Nevarran Cluster. Captain Byrne, having seen the opportunity for some archaeological study, requested permission to visit the vast Nevarran Archives buried deep underground beneath the homeworld's capital city.

Following a curious exploration by the Endeavour captain, he and his Nevarran guide were able to locate a hidden chamber even deeper into the archives, made to appear to the Nevarrans that it was beyond a tunnel that had caved in through the use of a combination of forcefields and holographic emitters - a technology which the Nevarrans had supposedly not yet been able to miniaturise to the required scale yet. Beyond the holographic shroud, the group discovered a chamber filled not only with the lost archives and technologies of the Nevarran 'dark age' two centuries previously, but also a cadre of soldiers from the same time period, each held in stasis until required to take over the duties of the previous guardsman of the chamber when he passed away through old age or illness.

Though the discovery was described as an amazing one set to unlock the hidden secrets of the past by senior Nevarran scholars, King Tasgall requested that the Federation allow the Nevarrans the first opportunity to study this new material before allowing foreigners to once again return and study it for themselves. Agreeing with the monarch's request, the Endeavour left the star cluster with the signed trade agreement they had travelled there for, as well as word that their point of contact for their time in the region - Bann Edan Finn - was to be nominated by King Tasgall as the Nevarran's ambassador to the Federation.


The Nevarrans operate under a feudal monarchy, similar to many which ruled during the Middle Ages through much of Europe on Earth, though many of the ruling monarchs have been much more benevolent than those from that period of humanity's history.

The head of state for the Nevarrans is the King, or if there is an absence thereof, the Queen, with the male form always taking priority over the female. Though in the past many Queens have married another noble and titled them their King, in recent centuries female monarchs have elected to rule themselves, either refusing to marry their partners, or refusing to bestow the title of King upon any they should marry.

The government of the Nevarrans is composed of a grouping of feudal nobles known as the Witenagemot. These nobles each hold rule over specific lands or territories; the Teyrns and Teyrna typically hold dominion over an entire world, whilst the Arls and Arlessa tend to be the regional rulers over continents and the Banns typically rule large cities and their out-lands and out-villages, each under the overall rule of the monarch.

The exact division of power between the monarch and the Witenagemot is unclear. While it appears that the Witenagemot as a voting body has the power to vote upon a decision that forces the monarch to then follow it themselves, the monarch is still the absolute ruler of the Kingdom, able to issue orders to any individual beneath them.


Similarly to humans, Nevarrans are bilaterally symmetrical bipedal warm-blooded primates, though their appearance is similar in some ways to an evolved terrestrial ape; their noses have very wide nostrils, their foreheads have several deep creases across them, and their skulls have a very defined protrusion where the eyebrows are on an unshaven face. Their hands have slightly stubbier digits than those of humans, though their thumbs have the same length and proportions as their fingers. Their toes are also similarly elongated and finger-like, with their fifth toe positioned at the heel of the foot. This fifth toe appears to be double-jointed, as Nevarrans regularly position it flat against the ankle, enabling them to fit their feet into shoes not too dissimilar from those worn by many Alpha Quadrant races.


Due to their long seclusion from the galaxy at large, Nevarrans have developed a quiet suspicion regarding outsiders, mixed with awe amongst those who do not regularly travel near the borders of their star cluster. This leads to many outsiders to gain the impression that they are the centre of attention, being watched for both signs of anything fascinating as well as anything potentially sinister.

Within their own society, the Nevarrans obey a strict code of nobility; unless invited to or regularly familiar with them, commoners to not regularly speak to a Nevarran of noble blood unless directly spoken to or required to. The Nevarran public however do not resent the status of the nobility as the people of many societies with such a system have grown to on other worlds, but rather they are proud of such a long-standing system, with all of the traditions it has preserved over the centuries.

Apparently, it is not seen as all too uncommon for the monarch to raise a commoner to the nobility for deeds of great worth to the throne, and such individuals rarely have any stigma attached to them as a result, except by those other nobles who either disapprove personally of the practice or person, or those who have been disadvantaged by the act which carried the individual to the nobility.

The nobility itself is split into several tiers; at the very top are the monarchs; the King, Queen, and any children or siblings they may have under the titles of Prince and Princess. Below the monarchy are the Teyrns and Teyrna (male and female, respectively), who rule over what is termed a Teyrnir. Whilst the specific size of this Teyrnir is entirely up to the ruling monarch, it is most often an entire planet or even planetary system within the Nevarran Cluster.

Below the Teyrns are the Arls and Arlessa, ruling over an Arling, which is most commonly a large, built-up city or region, encompassing much of the country surrounding it, including outlying towns and villages. The final stage of nobility are the Banns, holders of the only noble title which is identical in its male and female forms. A Bann's domain is called a Bannorn, and typically consists of a large town or city, similar to an Arling, but typically in a much more rural and less prestigious area.

Whilst most titles are handed out by the monarch themselves, nobles can offer titles to members of their family within their own domain, up to but not including their own title. For example, a Teyrn can name a family member as Arl of one of their major provinces, and another family member as the Bann of one of the more rural towns, but they cannot grant a non-family member such a title, nor can they offer a title over a domain which does not come within their own. Such individuals offered titles through family are also ineligible to sit on the Witenagemot; the ruling council of landholders, forming the government beneath the monarch.

Additionally, no domain granted by right of the monarch may be within the dominion of another noble; if the monarch grants one individual a Bannorn, it cannot be within the Arling of an existing noble. Whilst this does create some perceived gaps in the structure, any higher domains not able to be granted to another noble as there is already a lesser noble holding rights over the land fall under the Royal Dominion, and are under the direct control of the royal family. This is to ensure that all members of the Witenagemot have fealty only to the monarchy, and not to each other.

Science and Technology

Nevarran technology is highly advanced in the primary principles for which the Nevarrans required it to be; namely navigating their dense star cluster, rapid short-range travel, and defending their cluster's borders against marauding parties which have over the years attempted to obtain a base of operations in the dense region. Due to the density of the cluster, Nevarran sensors are specifically tuned in order to phase out or compensate for the various background radiation emitted by the local stars, giving them a higher sensor resolution than most Alpha Quadrant powers are able to favour on their own vessels.

Due to the isolationism they imposed upon their culture for two centuries however, Nevarran technology is thought to have stagnated; without the need to explore, or combat new threats, the progression of technology over that period has slowed, allowing such powers as the Federation to surpass them in fields such as offensive and defensive systems, and long-distance means of propulsion and the technology to allow a ship to service a crew on a voyage that may last many months before resupplies become available.

The scarce Nevarran texts that were available before the arrival of the Federation Starship Endeavour made mention of a technology that allowed the Nevarrans to study objects or planets many light-years away without leaving the planet's surface. Any further information on this technology, if any such information exists, is expected to be made known after the Nevarrans have completed their study of the newly-opened archives.


  • King Aengus Tasgall
  • Queen Ciara Tasgall
  • Teyrn Gundhram Drust
  • Teyrn Torcuil Aoelstan
  • Teyrn Iomhar Hulderic
  • Teyrna Seona Rosheen
  • Arl Hunberct Wallace
  • Arl Ansgar Finn
  • Bann Edan Finn