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"Starfleet Operations"
Operations Department
Department Colors:






Senior Officer: Erib P'Trell


The operations department is responsible for keeping ship systems functioning properly, rerouting power, bypassing relays, and doing whatever else is necessary to keep the ship operating at peak efficiency. It is also responsible for overseeing the allocation of ship resources to the various departments, ensuring that every department gets the resources they require.

Operations is also tasked with coordinating maintenance schedules between the various departments, and is accountable for the success or failure of these maintenances.

Positions & Roles

Operations Command Positions

Chief Operations Officer
Officer QTY: 1 The Chief Operations Officer has the primary responsibility of ensuring that ship functions, such as the use of the lateral sensor array, do not interfere with one and another. S/he must prioritize resource allocations, so that the most critical activities can have every chance of success. If so required, s/he can curtail shipboard functions if s/he thinks they will interfere with the ship's current mission or routine operations.

The Chief Operations Officer oversees the Operations department, and is a member of the senior staff.

Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Officer QTY: 1 The Chief Operations Officer cannot man the bridge at all times. Extra personnel are needed to relive and maintain ship operations. The Operations Officers are thus assistants to the Chief, fulfilling his/her duties when required, and assuming the Operations consoles if required at any time.

The Assistant Chief Operations Officer is the second-in-command of the Operations Department, and can assume the role of Chief Operations Officer on a temporary or permanent basis if so needed.

Operations Officer
Officer QTY: 4 The Chief Operations Officer cannot man the bridge at all times. Extra personnel are needed to relive and maintain ship operations. The Operations Officers are thus assistants to the Chief, fulfilling his/her duties when required, and assuming the Operations consoles if required at any time.

The Operations Officer reports to the Chief Operations Officer.


Computer Positions

Senior Computer Officer
Officer QTY: 1 The Computer Systems Specialist is a specialized Engineer. The new generation of Computer systems are highly developed. This system needs much maintenance and the Computer Systems Specialist was introduced to relieve the Science Officer, whose duty this was in the very early days.

A small team is assigned to the Computer Systems Specialist, which is made up from NCO personnel assigned by the Assistant and Chief Engineer. The Computer Systems Specialist reports to the Assistant and Chief Engineer.

Computer Officer
Officer QTY: 3
Chief Computer Specialist
Enlisted QTY: 1
Senior Computer Specialist
Enlisted QTY: 3
Computer Specialist
Enlisted QTY: 10

Communications Positions

Senior Communications Officer
Officer QTY: 1
Communications Officer
Officer QTY: 3
Chief Communications Technician
Enlisted QTY: 1
Senior Communications Technician
Enlisted QTY: 2
Communications Technician
Enlisted QTY: 6
Cryptography Officer
Officer QTY: 1
Cryptography Technician
Enlisted QTY: 3
Linguistics Officer
Officer QTY: 1
Linguistics Technician
Enlisted QTY: 3

Sensor Positions

Senior Sensor Officer
Officer QTY: 1
Sensor Officer
Officer QTY: 3
Sensor Technician
Enlisted QTY: 8

Environmental Positions

Environmental Systems Officer
Officer QTY: 1
Environmental Systems Specialist
Enlisted QTY: 5

Personnel Services

Transporter Positions

Transporter Systems Officer
Officer QTY: 1 This individual is responsible for every one of the ship's transporter pads, both cargo and personnel. The Transporter Chief reports to the Chief Operations Officer.
Transporter Chief
Enlisted QTY: 1
Transporter Specialist
Enlisted QTY: 10

Supply Positions

Officer QTY: 1 The Quartermaster specializes in distributing supplies and provisions to personnel aboard the vessel. In addition, the Quartermaster controls all physical assignments to quarters throughout the vessel.
Chief Quartermaster's Mate
Enlisted QTY: 1
Senior Quartermaster's Mate
Enlisted QTY: 3
Quartermaster's Mate
Enlisted QTY: 9

Services Positions

Chief Steward
Enlisted QTY: 1
Senior Steward
Enlisted QTY: 3
Enlisted QTY: 10

Flight Deck/Shuttlebay Positions

The ground crew for each plane is made up of engineers and specialists in different areas of support: Electronic, Mechanical, Ordinance, Engineering and General Support. Along with these NCO’s, a bevy of ground support and operations personnel work behind the scenes to make a squadron into the fierce fighting unit it is.

Chief of Support Craft Operations
Officer QTY: 1 The Chief Support Craft Officer of the starship maintains inventory and requisitions of supplies and materiel for both shuttles and the squadron, ranging from replacement fighters and ordinance to field rations and tricorders. A miracle worker in combat situations, the logistics officer has the hard job of keeping everyone supplied and thus, happy.
Shuttlebay Officer
Officer QTY: 3 The Support Craft Officer has the daunting task of coordinating the launch and retrieval of shuttles and fighters from takeoff to passage through their air/space to a craft’s landing. The Flight Operations Officer also maintains sensor data on the base facilities surrounding airspace, including weather/stellar information and data on craft in the area.
Shuttlebay Specialist
Enlisted QTY: 10 The Support Craft Specialist assists the Flight Operations Officer where needed and is authorized to act as a Flight Deck Officer in his/her supervisor's absence.

117 people (27 Officer and 90 Enlisted) make up the Operations Department. The following are the Key Positions.

  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Transporter Chief
  • Quartermaster
  • Chief Support Craft Officer

To read more about these roles, and the other roles in the command department, please see this Main Article.

Operations Policies and Procedures

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