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Strategic Operations Department
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The Command department is ultimately responsible for the USS North Carolina and its crew, and those within the department are responsible for commanding the vessel and representing the interests of Starfleet.


The Command Division is the corps of officers and crewmen within Starfleet who specialized in command and control functions on starbases, aboard starships, and at Starfleet Command. Members of the command division are trained in leadership and have tactical training allowing them to decisively take action in organizing and mobilizing Starfleet crews to perform missions. Command officers include most all of the admiralty, captains, executive officers, and adjutants.

The North Carolina's Command Division is divided into Command and Administration.

Positions & Roles

The Command Department is composed of 30 people who fill multiple unique and universal positions. The primary function of this department is to create and maintain command functions throughout the USS North Carolina

Command Positions

The Command Team is comprised of 3 officers and 1 enlisted person. Though the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer and Command Master Chief (Chief of the Boat) are the only three persons dedicated to the Command of the ship, the role of Second Officer is a member of the Senior Staff who performs the role while still representing a department aboard the USS North Carolina.

Commanding Officer
Officer QTY: 1 Ultimately responsible for the ship and crew, the Commanding Officer is the most senior officer aboard a vessel. S/he is responsible for carrying out the orders of Starfleet, and for representing both Starfleet and the Federation.
Executive Officer
Officer QTY: 1 The liaison between captain and crew, the Executive Officer acts as the disciplinarian, personnel manager, advisor to the captain, and much more. S/he is also one of only two officers, along with the Chief Medical Officer, that can remove a Commanding Officer from duty.
Second Officer
Officer QTY: 1 At times the XO must assume command of a Starship or base, when this happens the XO needs the help of another officer to assume his/her role as XO. The second officer is not a stand-alone position, but a role given to the highest ranked and trusted officer aboard. When required the Second Officer will assume the role of XO, or if needed CO, and performs their duties as listed, for as long as required.
Chief of the Boat
Enlisted QTY: 1 The seniormost Chief Petty Officer (including Senior and Master Chiefs), regardless of rating, is designated by the Commanding Officer as the Chief of the Boat (for vessels) or Command Chief (for starbases). In addition to his or her departmental responsibilities, the COB/CC performs the following duties: serves as a liaison between the Commanding Officer (or Executive Officer) and the enlisted crewmen; ensures enlisted crews understand Command policies; advises the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer regarding enlisted morale, and evaluates the quality of noncommissioned officer leadership, management, and supervisory training.

The COB/CC works with the other department heads, Chiefs, supervisors, and crewmen to insure discipline is equitably maintained, and the welfare, morale, and health needs of the enlisted personnel are met. The COB/CC is qualified to temporarily act as Commanding or Executive Officer if so ordered.

Mission Adviser
Officer QTY: 1 A Mission Adviser does as the name suggests; advises the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer on mission-specific areas of importance. Many times, the Mission Advisor knows just as much about the mission as the CO and XO do, if not even more. He or she also performs mission-specific tasks, and can take on any roles that a mission requires him or her to do. Concurrently holds another position, except in rare circumstances.

This position is typically only utilized on a mission-by-mission basis, and is not a constant aboard a starship, except in unusual circumstances where an adviser is required for more than one mission. When the adviser is not a member of the ship's crew, they will often be a senior officer - or sometimes flag officer - with the specialized knowledge on the mission at hand who is temporarily assigned to the ship undertaking the mission.


Captain's Yeoman
Enlisted QTY: 1 The Captain's Yeoman is for Petty Officers who wish to continue as administrators. It is technically a non-Mate position. Use of this position is completely at the discretion of the Commanding Officer. File work and sensitive message transport are but two examples of the Yeoman's possible duties. The Yeoman assists the CO in day-to-day duties that the CO would otherwise not have the time to do.
Executive Officer's Yeoman
Enlisted QTY: 1 The Executive Officers Yeoman is for Petty Officers who wish to continue as administrators. It is technically a non-Mate position. Use of this position is completely at the discretion of the Executive Officer. File work and sensitive message transport are but two examples of the Yeoman's possible duties. The Yeoman assists the XO in day-to-day duties that the XO would otherwise not have the time to do.
Senior Yeoman
Enlisted QTY: 4 Higher ranking yeomen who assist in the coordination of administrative tasks.
Enlisted QTY: 18 Several Yeomen are available to assist legal and administrative personnel, as well as members of the Senior Staff when required.

Command Policies and Procedures

Starfleet General Orders & Documents

Command Functions

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