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Survey Data
Star System:

Tellar system


United Federation of Planets


Alpha Quadrant



First Contact:

1950s, unknown Vulcan ship

Political Information

Federation Member


Mirachin, Tellar Prime

Political System:



19 billion

Biological Information


Atmosphere type:


Development Stage:

Warp capable


Argumentative, Builders

Number of Eyes:


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The Tellarites are a humanoid, porcine race from the planet Tellar Prime. They are a prominent member of the Federation.


Tellar had many difficulties finding water, so its people quickly became adept at engineering in order to harvest the water found underground. This later allowed the planet to mine precious metals where other engineers thought it was impossible.

However, due to being great engineers, the Tellarite people wanted to have the most efficient thinking process and language. This started a world-wide war, as every nation state was trying to force the others to have their language and thinking process the standard. Once others saw what it was doing to the people of the planet, they called for it to stop. Those who were fighting for it eventually stopped as they conceded that variety is a good thing, since machines needed different parts to do different things.

The moon of Kera was reached in 1921 and the first warp flight was in 1952, and Tellarites soon began to explore other areas outside their home system. First contact was with the Vulcans and because of the argumentative nature of the populace, it was rocky to say the least. Vulcans did not have the patience to deal with a people that seemed to delight in disagreements, though Vulcans considered them trustworthy.

Tellar was visited by Andorians sometime before 2152, whereupon the Tellarites ‘drove those blue demons into their own territory' and the Tellarites did not trust Andorians for a long time after this.

Tellar came into contact with Humans in 2152 whom they found ‘intriguing’ and didn’t understand their reluctance for voicing their opinions. However, they soon began to respect the diplomatic abilities of Humans, and agreed to allow the Humans to head a diplomatic conference at the planet Babel in 2154. In 2155, Tellar, along with Earth, Andoria and Vulcan, began the Coalition of Planets that eventually became the United Federation of Planets upon the conclusion of the Earth-Romulan War.

Tellar is one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets and as such has been in the Federation since its inception.

First Contact

First contact between Tellarites and Vulcans was somewhat rocky. Vulcans did not have the patience for the argumentative Tellarites, though they came to trust them sometime within the following 100 years.


The Tellarite government is a democracy with a president and a senate that are voted on by the people however Tellarites do not trust people who only tell them what they want to hear, and so Tellarite politicians may be some of the most honest in the quadrant.

Laws are drafted and voted on by the senate and then vetoed or passed by the president. The judicial branch of government is only for enforcing the laws as they are written, as the Tellarites are generally an honest people.


Tellarites appear as a largely porcine people, with large snouts and three fingers on each hand, and two toed feet with very thick nails on the toes. They are very heavy-set and strong, their strength coming from their high gravity. Their legs bend forwards, and they are full grown in 12 years. Tellarites are born in groups of around 4-7 children at a time. Their young grow orangish manes around 6 years of age, which are carried into adulthood, and the males grow beards. Their stomachs break down their food with bacteria, and they have one intestine.


Due to wanting the most efficient language and thinking process in their past, Tellarites became very opinionated and argumentative. They do not respect people who do not speak their minds and as such, if one appears unsure of their opinion, they will not hesitate to challenge it. Engineering also plays a big role on Tellar Prime. Many of the finest engineers in the Federation are in fact Tellarite due to the Tellarites' tenacity for solving problems with mechanics. A Tellarite woman would not consider a mate who failed to fix any machine in his life.


Tellarites believe that those who live well in their lives go to the Great Feast, and those who do not spend eternity with those who do evil spend eternity in hunger with the Krognik Demon.

Science and Technology

Warp Capable, part of the Federation and Starfleet. Tellarites are almost a race of engineers and thus are almost always at the forefront of any advancements in engineering however they depend heavily on others for medical and scientific areas.