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Design Specifications
Crew Compliment
Embarked Craft
Tactical Systems
Engineering Specifications
Senior Staff

Chapter Infobox. To be used ONLY commissioned Ships, NPC Ships have a slightly altered template to show the difference.

NOTE: This is NOT the Ship Class Infobox, that can be found HERE.


Name of the Ship
Ship Slogan.
*Registry: Registration Number
*Class: Class of the ship
*Faction: Faction (i.e.: UFS, Klingon, Romulan, etc.)
*Commissioned: Date of Commission
*Ship Yard: Constructing Shipyard.
*Ship Designer: Ship Designer.
*Operational Status: Status of the Vessel (i.e: Active, Decommissioned, Destroyed)
Design Specifications
*Type: Type of Vessal (i.e.: Medium Range Tactical Vessal)
*Hull Composition: Hull composition.
*Overall Length: Lengths of the ship (in Meters)
*Beam: Beam of the ship (in Meters)
*Draft: Height of the ship (in Meters)
*Mass: Mass of the ship (in displacement Tonnage)
*Decks: Number of decks in total.
Crew Compliment
*Maximum Evacuation Capacity: Evacuation Capacity.
Embarked Craft
*Auxiliary Craft: Auxillary Craft/Shuttle supplement from standard class design
Tactical Systems
*Armament: Armaments of the Ship that differ from standard class design
*Defenses: Defensive Systems of the ship that are supplemental to the standard class design
Engineering Specifications
*Cruising Speed: Cruising Speed (in Warp).
*Maximum Speed: Maximum Speed (in Warp).
Senior Staff
*Commander: Name of CO
*Executive Officer: Name of the XO
*Second Officer: Name of the Second Officer
*Chief Engineering Officer: Name of the Chief Engineering Officer
*Chief Security Officer: Name of the Chief Security Officer
*Chief Medical Officer: Name of the Chief Medical Officer
*Chief Operations Officer: Name of the Chief Operations Officer
*Chief Science Officer: Name of the Chief Science Officer
*Chief Tactical Officer: Name of the Chief Tactical officer
*Chief Intelligence Officer: Name of the Chief Intelligence Officer