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{{Rank Infobox
|higher rank=
|lower rank=

UFSMC Rank Image:
MACO Rank Image:
Affiliation: United Federation Starfleet Marine Corps
United Federation Starfleet MACO
Higher Rank: Private First Class
Lower Rank: None

{{Rank Infobox
|name= Private
|image_UFSMC= {{Superimpose|base = Enlisted Black (STO).png|base_width = 120px|float = SFMC e1 (STO).png|float_width = 120px|x = 0|y = 0}}
|image_MACO=[[File:Enlisted Navy (STO).png|left|120px]]
|affiliation=United Federation Starfleet Marine Corps<BR>United Federation Starfleet MACO
|higher rank=[[:Category:Private First Class|Private First Class]]
|lower rank=None