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File:Service Jacker Header.png
Biographical information Photo
Name: SJ2014 (Unknown) Date of Birth (Age): Unknown (Unknown) NoPhoto.png
Species: Unknown Place of Birth: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown Ethnic Origin: Unknown
Languages: Federation Standard English
Physical information
Height: Not Specified Weight: Not Specified
Hair: Not Specified Eyes: Not Specified
Physical Description:
Maritial Status: Not Specified Children None
Siblings None Spouse None
Starfleet Records
Rank: None File:B-blank.pngFile:B-BlankRight.png
Current Assignment: None
Position: Unassigned

This is the template for the Service Jacket/Personnel File. All fields are optional (except the service number -> to be determined by the Office of personnel) and do not require to be filled in. However, the more information you provide, the more complete the SJ will look.

Explanation and Documentation of fields:

 |name           = (only to be filled in if DIFFERENT then pagename/avatar name !! )
 |photo          = to be entered as: [[image:photo.png]] (not required).
 |gender         = Male/Female/Other.
 |dob            = Date of birth.
 |age            = Your characters Age.
 |species        = Define your Species/Race.
 |pob            = Place of birth of your character.
 |height         = Height (in meters).
 |weight         = Weight (in Kg).
 |hair           = Color of your Hair.
 |eyes           = Color of your Eyes.
 |physicaldescription = Your character's general physical description.
 |nationality    = Your character's Nationality (i.e.: Bajoran, Vulcan, etc).
 |origin         = Ethnic Origin (i.e.: Caucasian, Mediterranian, etc.). leave blank if n/a.
 |languages      = The Languages you speak (i.e.: Federation Standard English, Vulcan, Betazoid, Romulan, Klingon, etc.)
 |blood          = Bloodtype (i.e.: A+, A-, O+, O-, AB+, AB-, B+, B-, Copper based, etc.).
 |restrict       = Medical Restrictions your character has (if any).
 |othermed       = Other (important) medical information about your Character.
 |marks          = Identifying marks/features (i.e. With vulcans "the pointy ears").
 |marstat        = Maritial Status (i.e.: Single, Married, Divorced, etc.).
 |spouse         = Name of your spouse.
 |childs         = Name(s) of your characters child(ren).
 |siblings       = Name(s) of your characters sibling(s).
 |rank           = Your Current Rank.
 |position       = Your Current Position.
 |assignment     = Your Current Assignment.
 |bio            = Your Charachters Biography.
 |history        = Your Personal/Professional History.
 |serrec         = Your Service Record.
 |medical        = Medical Record (If applicable).
 |reprimands     = Reprimands Received.
 |promotions     = Your Promotion History.
 |awards         = Awards Received.