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Survey Data
Star System:

Addonexia System


Galactic North, United Federation of Planets


Alpha Quadrant

First Contact:

23rd Century, USS Archimedes

Political Information



Arachaxius, Addonexia

Political System:



7.5 Billion

Biological Information


Atmosphere type:


Development Stage:

Warp Capable


Militaristic (Medieval)

Number of Eyes:


Empathic species:


Telepathic species:


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The Addonexians are a mysterious race discovered by the USS Archimedes in the southern area of the Galactic North near the planet of Megara along the Federation/Tholian border. The actual appearance of the Addonexians is unknown as they are clad from head to toe in gruesome plate armor.


Due to limited contact, little is known of the history of the Addonexians. Scans and surveys of their homeworld have indicated that they have survived for many centuries in a society akin to the middle ages of earth. The planet of Addonexia contains vast land masses with vary degrees of climates throughout from a Temperate Oceanic Climate to a frozen arctic tundra. Settlements throughout the planet suggest the Addonexians have segregated themselves into clans and do not socialize amongst one another.

First contact with the Addonexians was made on Stardate: 8591.52 by the federation vessel USS Archimedes. A small science team was sent down to the planet to establish contact with the Addonexians but was forced to abort the mission when the race displayed an intense hostility towards outsiders attempting to kill the team. A warning was sent out by the Archimedes to avoid all contact with the Addonexians shortly before a large warship of tactical superiority destroyed the vessel with all hands.

Further information on the Addonexians had to be gathered via off planet scans due to the nature of their hostility. It is Starfleet's hope to one day get another team down to the planet to further learn about this deadly mysterious race. To this day while the Archimedes warning is still active, the Addonexians have not made any outward threats to passing vessels and do not seem concerned with the happenings of the universe so long as no one intrudes upon their land. As such they are currently listed as a neutral species while Starfleet attempts to gather the resources to infiltrate their planet and discover the true degree this race poses to the Galaxy and the Federation.


The Addonexians follow a constitutional monarchy derived from a scripture dubbed the "Sacred Law" contained within an ancient capital located at the center of their planet. Observations of individual Addonexian settlements have revealed that each city comprises of a clan lead by a council of "death knights" similar to that of Camelot's Knights of the round table. While the Clan has a king, the council is composed of 7 Death Knights to include the King and serves to govern the members of each clan equally.


The actual physiology of an Addonexian is covered by the grim visage of plate armor that encases each member of the species. Even in their youth, Addonexians are custom fit into armor. Infants however are never brought out beyond the confines of their dwellings and shielded from others eyes. The only part of the physiology visible is their glowing blue eyes that pierce through the front of their helmets striking fear into those whom oppose them. Their armor is not the stereotypical shining armor depicted in middle age earth stories. Instead it is adorned with symbols of death and harm signifying their past glories and power.


Addonexians have been divided amongst several clans derived from their interpretation of the "Sacred Law". Each clan views the other clans interpretations of the "Sacred Law" as treason and a desecration to the beliefs of their ancestors. Wars are fought all the time in the name of 'unifying' the Addonexians into one culture. However their is one case of unification and that is the defense of the ancient capital. One death knight from each clan is selected to remain outside the ancient capital and guard it. It is unclear how these individuals rest as they never leave their posts, but the city never appears to be undefended.

Within the settlements of each clan, each member of the society is expected to hold their keep and contribute to the community. Male Addonexians are usually charged with the gathering of food and nourishment whilst the women are charged with child care. However it should not be thought a woman unable to defend herself as female Addonexians can also ascend to Death Knight status if they are not serving their primary function. Children on the other hand are not seen before what appears to be their pre-teen years. When they do emerge from their homes, the child is already fit with a custom set of armor and works vigorously to hone their combat skills.

The status of full death knight is the goal of each member of the society and is usually not attained before the age of eighteen. Surveys show that a child ready to obtain their status must first pass a test and hone all their skills by slaying a gruesome dragon like creature located in a volcanic area of the planet. Once again clans do not interfere with each other's traditions as it seems to be a code of honor holding them for striking their enemies before they can become combat effective. If the child was successful in passing the test, they would be allowed to join their brethren amongst the ranks of the death knights....failure resulted in death and dishonor to the family.

Akin to a traditional monarchy their is a divide between bloodlines and the family of the monarch is the only bloodline eligible to hold the position of King. While the male always carries the bloodline and is a direct decendant of the first knights of the round in the ancient capital. The female will be a woman chosen from the families of the remaining members of the round table and becomes the queen but holds no power within the governing council, but seems to only serve as a figurehead and perhaps would serve as the head of state in a time when the king is called to war. Although it is clear the original round table holds a place for seven swords which still lie on the table to this day, their are more than seven clans on the planet it is unclear as to whom descends from which ancestor. Access to the ancient capital would further advance the knowledge in this area.


An Addonexian family has a goal only to live to serve the clan. If they are not eating or sleeping, the family is training for combat constantly preparing for an impending assault. The head of household being the senior male, is charged with providing food and nourishment for the family and teaching the children of age the ways of combat. The female is considered the primary caregiver however when all children come of age, she is taught the ways of combat, not to the degree of men but enough to defend herself in desparate times. Surrender is not an option to Addonexians and is considered dishonorable and punishable by death.


Beyond the "Sacred Law" which could be compared to the ten commandments of earth. Addonexians do not hold any beliefs in a higher power except of their ancestors of the ancient capital. Wars are fought over the interpretation of the script, but not for any particular person or deity.


Addonexians speak a language which is considered harsh even by klingon standards. Their voices are low and the words boom from their mouths chilling those whom are not indigenous to the culture. Current Federation translators have been able to decipher the language, but contact with the beings has not been established since the doomed mission of the archimedes. Their dialogue is much akin to Klingon with talks of past glories and battles.


Addonexians primarily rely on the meat from animals indigenous to the planet. Herbs and plants are used solely for medicinal purposes.

Science and Technology

The only documented information of Addonexian technology was the encounter between the archimedes and the Addonexian warship. Brief scans of the vessel have determined it to be warp capable and tactically superior to current standards. The vessel's sole purpose appears to be the defense of the planet from outsiders. It is unclear how many of these warships are in existence and why they are not used in the internal conflicts.


In Addonexian culture every able bodied member of the species is capable of combat and thus charged with the defense of their individual clans and the defense of the planet. This makes the species a formidable opponent to all whom oppose them as their numbers greatly outmatch those of the current powers in the quadrants.

Miscellaneous Information

  • The species are considered highly aggressive and contact with the species cannot happen without the expressed approval of Starfleet Command.**