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Major General TJ Allen

Name TJ Allen

Position Second Officer

Second Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Major General

Character Information

Gender (Male)
Species Centaurian
Age 46
Date of Birth 10/02/2366
Place of Birth New Carolina, Alpha Centuari VII (Al Raijil), Alpha Centauri System, Beta Quadrant

Physical Appearance

Height 174 cm
Weight 107.32 kg
Hair Color Ash Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description TJ seems to have a militaristic presence about him. People thought he was teaching the class when he went to the Academy. TJ keeps his ash blonde hair cut high and tight. His blue eyes ever so wondering trying to take in all that is happening around him. TJ seems to know when something happens even before it happened. He tries to impress others but at the same time thinks he may not be that good. He has been known to win people’s trust and offer a different point of view. This trait is what made him liked by command.


Significant Other Julie Norris (Wife)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview TJ Is aware of his surroundings and offers different point of views to different situations. This has peaked interest in STARFLEET Command. He is known to speak his mind and show others another way to do the different task. He is good at research and thus STARFLEET Intelligence liked that and approached him to be one of them. TJ has MACO Training and leads the MACO forward. He is looked upon by Vulcan High Command for his logical discussions. He is also looked upon by both the Klingon High Council and the New Romulan Senate as he does not back down from Honor. He has stood toe-to-toe with a Klingon that attacked him and made the Klingon respect him.
Strengths & Weaknesses TJ has strong leadership and problem-solving abilities and always aware of what is around him. However, he tries to impress others which can cause an issue if it takes him away from his task. He is good to try and get back on task when this happens, and he is always helpful.
Ambitions TJ is a little ambitious and tries helping where needed. He has worked hard to change things he can change and make it more for the better.
Hobbies & Interests TJ enjoys reading books and studying history.

Personal Datafile

Personal History Early Life

TJ was born in 2366 to an overprotective mother and a father who trying to control him. TJ proved to be willed enough to get past these and move on with his life. TJ excelled at History, Mathematics, and Sciences (particularly Medical Science). He worked with computers and holds a militaristic presence about him due to his family that were in all branches of the Armed Forces.

Academically, TJ achieved above average grades I his studies. He showed he has a knack in history, medical science, computers, and math. They thought TJ would lean towards medicine, but he showed he can lead by saying a command a different way than other leaders and trained in Leadership.


Career Datafile

Languages Federation Standard, English
Service Record *2383 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Year 1
*2384 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Year 2
*2385 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Year 3
*2386 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Year 4
*2387 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy, Year 5
*2388 - First Lieutenant, USS Tiberius, MACO Assistant Team Leader
*2389 – MACO Captain, USS Tiberius, MACO Assistant Team Leader
*2389 - Major, USS Tiberius, MACO Assistant Team Leader / Head of Security
*2391 – Lieutenant Colonel, USS Tiberius, MACO Assistant Team Leader / Head of Security
*2393 - Colonel, Station Robert de Bruce, Executive Officer
*2396 – Field Colonel, Station Robert de Bruce, Executive Officer
*2400 – Brigadier General, Station Robert de Bruce, Executive Officer
*2410 – Major General, Station Robert de Bruce, Executive Officer
*2412 - Major General, USS North Carolina, Second Officer / Chief Strategic Officer
Career History Starfleet Academy

TJ applied to Starfleet Academy in 2383 and was accepted. He spent his first two years like there was nothing to it and achieved high scores and marks. He was watched closely by Starfleet Intelligence.

TJ, during his third year, was approached by the Commandant of the Marine Academy and by MACO Command to take studies in their respected academies. TJ studied all of the studies of Command, Marine, and MACO. It seemed to be a little harder, but TJ still turned in Above Average grades. He became good at piloting a shuttle and with his scores in the Phaser Rifle he was looked at for Sniper training in MACO.

By TJ’s fourth year, everyone was thinking that he was just teaching the courses instead of taking them as they all seemed easy to him. TJ did work with instructors to help teach classes to the younger students. And TJ was working with a squad of third year recruits and was able to beat some of the Intelligence operatives at their own game of taking a hideout. This prompted Starfleet Intelligence to keep a closer eye on this student.

By his fifth year and final year, he was awarded First Lieutenant and offered a position in MACO Command.

USS Tiberius

TJ was brought aboard the Tiberius to help be the assistant team leader of their newly formed MACO unit after graduation. While serving on the Tiberius, TJ got promoted to MACO Captain and then Major within a few years. He was also selected as head of Security. With the new position he was offered Lieutenant Colonel rank. The Executive Officer of the Tiberius was offered his own command and asked the Commanding Officer if he could take TJ with him as the Executive Officer of the new ship. The Commanding Officer said TJ would make a good Executive Officer and gave his blessing.

Station Robert de Bruce

TJ transferred to the new station that the Executive Officer of the Tiberius was offered. TJ helped get everything moving and was made Executive Officer. TJ was great at making the station work. The station was located in Federation space in between the Romulan and Klingon space. TJ ran a few MACO mission and showed he was as good of a sniper as they claimed. He got to fly an experimental runabout and use experimental weapons. TJ was promoted to Colonel after 1 year. TJ served a few more years and got promoted to Field Colonel, Brigadier General, and then Major General.

USS North Carolina

With TJ’s close ties to the MACOs and a new prototype ship in the yards, TJ worked with Jonathan Wilson and was offered the Second Officer/Strategic Officer position. USS North Carolina, NCC-97005, was going to be a Tactical Variant of the Odyssey-class Starship and the first to have two MACO teams on the ship. TJ was going to oversee the Team Leaders of the MACO Ground Forces and MACO Omega group. He was going to over insights to command of what is the best options for the tactical needs. TJ will serve the North Carolina to the best of his ability.

Starfleet Information

Clearance Level Level 10 (Flag Officer)
Authorization Code Alpha 10 Omega
Certifications MACO Command Level 10
Intell Certified
Sniper Certified
First Aid Certified
Pilot Qualified
Engineer Qualified
Weapons Qualified
First Contact Qualified
Command Certified yes
Personnel Type essential
Duty Shift gamma
Quarter's Location Deck 10

General Information

Character Type Playing Character
Played By: TJ Allen
Simming Experience 0 to 6 months
Other Notes

Medical Attenda

Medical Profile
Psychological Profile